NSW Treasurer Calls on Councils to Lower Parking Fines from $110 to $80

    The NSW State Treasurer Dominic Perrottet has revealed a key budget proposal.  The State Government plans to reduce parking fines by 25% in State Government controlled parking areas.

    The problem is that most parking fines are issued by Local Government and not the State Government.  The Treasurer has called upon Greedy Councils to follow the State Government’s lead.  To encourage Local Councils to reduce fines for non-safety related road fines, the State Government is removing the minimum $110 fine and imposing a maximum amount Local Councils can charge.

    The State Government wants to adopt a kinder approach to non-safety related road fines.  They will also launch a review into confusing street signs and establish a website where residents can voice issues about parking fines (just like ITC already does!!).

    Confusing? Who Said Parking Signs are Confusing in Lane Cove?

    NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said

    “cutting fines today sends a message that it’s about managing parking, not about raising revenue and using drivers as cash cows.”

    The Lane Cove Council General Manager Mr Craig Wrightson has told ITC on numerous occasions the Lane Cove Council is not interested in generating revenue from parking fines.  Their aim is to provide adequate parking for Lane Cove Residents to support local businesses.  If this is, in fact, true, ITC looks forward to hearing Lane Cove Council’s announcement they have adopted the same approach as the NSW government.

    In the last 10 months, Lane Cove Council issued $1 310 592 in parking infringement fines

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    1. I totally agree with this. Whether or not it actually is a revenue raising exercise, the council has no incentive to sort out the many confusing signs, complicated and unnecessary regulations. For example, reverse parking only. Is that really necessary to be obligatory. How about making it advisory?

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