Lane Cove Week in Review 19th to 25th August 2018

    The week started with the monthly Lane Cove Council Meeting.

    The meeting got quite heated. At one stage the Lane Cove Council General Manager, Mr Craig Wrightson, threatened to lead a walk out of his staff from the meeting.  Many in the public gallery queried Mr Wrightson’s role in the meeting and if in fact he even had “standing” to address the gallery.

    The two contentious issues were the proposed moratorium on developers bypassing the Local Environment Plan in order to secure approval for high density residential planning proposals and the removal of three (3) Fig Trees from Kingslangely Road Greenwich.

    Twenty-three residents supported the proposed moratorium on planning.  The Lane Cove Council unanimously voted to support the moratorium.  This does not mean small developments or locals wanting to renovate will be impacted.  It will only impact developers who use the NSW Environment and Planning Act Gateway process for higher density projects.  The next step is for the Minister for Planning and our local member the Hon. Anthony Roberts to support the motion.

    The Councillors also agreed to ask North Sydney and Willoughby City Councils to form an infrastructure working group to ensure adequate infrastructure is built to cope with the large number of unit developments in the St Leonards/Crows Nest planned precinct. Read more here.

    Gold for Gunnedah

    Gold for Gunnedah week (September 2nd to September 8th) was officially launched last week.  Did you know that Lane Cove’s sister city is Gunnedah?   Gunnedah became Lane Cove’s Sister City after the last drought when Lane Cove helped the people of Gunnedah.

    Gold for Gunnedah is a simple proposition if everyone in Lane Cove donates a $2.00 gold coin we could raise $77 564.   Many local Lane Cove Businesses have agreed to be a collection point (list to be circulated soon).

    Lane Cove Rotary has been working with Rotary Gunnedah to establish a collection point. Gunnedah Rotary will disperse the money throughout their community by way of vouchers to local food stores, and other local retailers.  Money will also be donated to Feed A Farmer (who is working with Aussie Helpers in Gunnedah). Monies raised are to provide assistance and/or relief to Gunnedah farmers and residents impacted by the drought. Find out more here. Every Lane Cove resident can be involved.  We already have on board local schools, churches, Lane Cove Rotary, Lane Cove Golf Club, Tambourine Bay Scouts and local dance schools and pre-schools.  Ask your local school/preschool/sportsclub to be involved.  All they need to do is appoint a co-ordiantor to collect the money and to deposit it in a bank account. Email [email protected] for more information

    If you are not around Lane Cove in the week commencing September 2nd to September 8th you can donate now via this Go Fund Me Page.

    At the Lane Cove Council meeting on Monday 20th August 2018 the Lane Cove Council voted to donate $5000 to Gunnedah to help them out. This money is from their community fund.


    Power Surge Lane Cove

    Late Monday 20th August 2018, about 200 properties were impacted when a voltage issue led to low power around the Lane Cove Primary School impacting Austin Crescent and parts of Austin Street, Morrice Street and Longueville Road. Supply was restored around 11.40 pm. However, the next day many residents still had power issues.  Some residents commented that their appliances were no longer working.  If due to this power surge, your appliances are no longer working you might be able to claim compensation.  Further details here.


    Lane Cove Public School Express Yourself Exhibition

    Well done to the Lane Cove Public School for their Express Yourself exhibition at Gallery Lane Cove and Creative Space.  So much talent on display!!

    The Village Observer

    Happy 25th Birthday to The Village Observer. The TVO has a fond place in the heart of Lane Cove (who can forget the page headed Minutes that Takes Hours). This week, The Village Observer held a party to celebrate the big milestone. The founder and first editor/publisher Ian Longbottom told everyone about the early days and then Jocelyn Biddle current editor talked about the current paper. The TVO has had a big makeover and now it is in full colour. If you read TVO and ITC, you have Lane Cove covered.


    Lane Cove Councillor hits the big screen at the SCG

    Daniel Strassberg, Lane Cove Councillor West Ward, was seen on the big screen at the Swans game on Saturday night belting out the Swans theme song.

    Lane Cove in the News

    The Greenwich house which has been described as “The Hoarder’s House” went under the hammer this weekend and sold for $2.07 million.  Read More Here.


    It only took a tiny bit of rain to make our roads slippery and for accidents to occur at the two slippery hotspots. One accident was on River Road near Bridge Street on the bend.  The other accident was on Mowbray Road near the old petrol station.   More wet weather is on the horizon so drive carefully.




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