Lane Cove Council Announces Shortlist of Names for Rosenthal Carpark Redevelopment

    In 2020 the Rosenthal Car Park Project will be finished.  It will be a great new community asset.  The old Rosenthal Car Park lot will be converted into a shopping complex housing Coles and Aldi (with 500 underground car spaces).  On the top of the centre, there will be a new green community space.

    The community space will be a place where there is plenty of greenery, play equipment, trees, a BBQ and an amphitheater.

    Lane Cove Council asked Lane Cove residents to suggest a new name for this vibrant new space.  Over 250 names were suggested during the community consultation process.  The Lane Cove Council then held a workshop with a professional branding consultant and senior council staff and they took advice from the Aboriginal Heritage Office.

    Lane Cove Council has narrowed the field down to the following six options:

    Gamarada Grounds

    Gamarada means ‘Friendship’ in the Sydney Aboriginal language. When paired together with Grounds it becomes the ‘Friendship Grounds’

    Lane Cove Commons

    A timeless name that reflects the common place that will be shared amongst the community.

    Nanganura Common

    Nanga Nura means ‘Resting Place’ in the Sydney Aboriginal language. This provides a sense of coming together to rest and relax in the space.

    Sky Gallery: Lane Cove

    This name reflects the open-air nature of the domain.

    The Canopy: Lane Cove

    Lane Cove is synonymous with local bushland and this gives the sense of being above the underground car park and Rosenthal Avenue.

    Whiteley Muse

    Reflective of one of Australia’s most famous painters who grew up in Lane Cove, this name plays homage to the strength of local art while implying that the space can continue to inspire the community.

    To provide Council with your preferences for these six names, please complete the online survey by Tuesday 25 September 2018.

    For more details about the process for determining the shortlisted names, please visit Council’s website

    For the latest information on the Rosenthal Project please visit

    Which name is your preferred name?

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