Tantallon Road Lane Cove North Abandoned Cars Dumping Ground

Local residents are calling on the Lane Cove Council to take action in relation to the number of cars being dumped and abandoned on Tantallon Road.  On Saturday night, one of the abandoned cars was set alight.

Local residents are now lobbying the Lane Cove Council to put in place parking restrictions which would prevent cars from being parked on a long term basis.

An abandoned car can only be removed if it is unregistered.  Residents have to wait until the registration has expired before it the car can be reported to the  Lane Cove Council.  A vehicle is considered to be abandoned if it located on a public street and it’s not registered. If the car is unregistered a ranger will then send a notice to the owner and ask them to remove the car within a nominated time period. A notice is also placed on the car’s windscreen.  If the car is not removed within the nominated period, the car is then removed from the street.   A car can still be registered even if the number plates have been removed.

Street Parking is at a premium in Tantallon Road.  However these abandoned cars are now creating a safety issue.  Residents have advised Lane Cove Council will eventually act if an abandoned car is reported, but more needs to be done.  Regular patrolling of this street must be undertaken.

Are there any other streets in Lane Cove that has this issue?  What has the Lane Cove Council done to assist with this issue?

If you are aware of an abandoned car you can report abandoned vehicles to council by calling 9911 3555 or by filling out this online form.  An easy way to report an abandoned car is via  Snap Send Solve – This app is designed to help you quickly and easily report issues to local government. Take a picture of the problem, upload it with the app and it is sent to the relevant local council using GPS data.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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