Lane Cove Council to Discuss Implementing a Lane Cove Loyalty Card

Since the start of the Rosenthal Carpark Development, Lane Cove Village shops are struggling.  Some operators are down as much as 50% year on year takings.  It is impacting shops and service providers.  Many people are reluctant to book in for massages, hairdressing appointments or other services as they struggle to find a carpark.

The Lane Cove Council has been discussing some options to entice shoppers back into Lane Cove.

At the Lane Cove Council September 2018 meeting it was resolved that LCC would investigate the merits of a “Lane Cove Gift Card” or other suitable incentive scheme to encourage residents and out-of-area visitors to shop in the Lane Cove Village.

Since that time Lane Cove Council has held preliminary discussions with Redeem Your Gift Card, an Australian owned company specialising in digital e-gift cards from a variety of large retailers.  After reviewing the options a proposal is being put to the Lane Cove Council November meeting that LCC consider the introduction of a Lane Cove Loyalty Card as a resident pilot programme. This programme will be implemented to gauge the level of support from residents and businesses alike before committing further resources to the development of an ongoing incentive scheme.

It is recommended that Council initiate the loyalty programme as a simple, cost effective pilot programme with a Loyalty Card option. The Council is of the view that this type of programme promotes a sense of community and inclusion and in contrast to the Gift Card option, incentivises shopping in Lane Cove Village by delivery of value add opportunities and discounts to members as opposed to requiring a dollar amount investment by the resident.

Lane Cove Council believes the branded cards are cost effective at approximately 20 cents each, and administration requirements are minimal.  Interested residents may apply online to be mailed a loyalty card and could then simply present it at a participating retailer whereby they would receive a discount or value add offer.

This preliminary stage would allow Council to gauge the level of support from residents (via online applications) and businesses alike and assess the ongoing feasibility and future expansion of the scheme before committing further resources to the development.

Lane Cove Council has noted the key to the success of any incentive scheme will be communicating the concept to the retailers and gaining their support and commitment to providing benefits to members. To this end, a handful of local business owners have been informally sampled (retail, restaurant and café), each of whom are open to the idea of providing a circa 10% discount upon presentation of the membership card.

What is your view?

Would you prefer the following as an incentive to shop in Lane Cove:

  • Loyalty Card;
  • Lane Cove Gift Card;
  • Competition with a large prize or prizes if you purchase items in Lane Cove.

What else (besides extra parking) would make you shop in Lane Cove?  Remember there is always parking in Little Street Car Park.

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  1. Personally I can’t see this working for me. My visits to local stores in Lane Cove are usually peripheral to a visit to Coles or Woolies or the Post Office. I have started shopping at Harris Farm & Aldi in Boronia Park & Gladesville because parking there is easier. I have often found Little Street carpark to be full on Saturday mornings. I think the solution has to be transport related (which probably means more / cheaper public transport for now).

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