Lane Cove History Prize – Tell Your Family’s Lane Cove Story

Lane Cove Pool
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Are you a bit of a history buff?  Why not enter the Lane Cove Historical Society (LCHS)  Lane Cove History Prize. The winner will receive a cash prize of $2000. The award  encourages Lane Cove residents to research the colourful history of the Lane Cove Municipality.

Submissions will be accepted on any aspect of Lane Cove’s history; however this would be a great opportunity to tell your family’s Lane Cove story.

Other possible research topics include:

  • interesting Lane Cove individuals or families;
  • the history behind your street;
  • early settlers or ethnic groups who came to live in Lane Cove;
  • your local sporting team’s history;
  • your local school’s history;
  • your local church’s history;
  • your local community group’s history; or
  • local roads and transport systems.

This is an opportunity for Lane Cove Seniors to write up their own histories. It is also an ideal time for you or your kids to sit down with grandparents, or older family members/neighbours and document their lives in Lane Cove.

Your entry may be either in essay form or an oral history project. The essay should be no less than 5,000 and no more than 7,000 words, including references. If you are entering the competition with an oral history project it should be submitted as a digital video or audio production on disc or USB stick of 30-45 minutes’ duration, and accompanied by a clear, well-written and complete transcript of any talk.  You can also submit a video between 7 to 10 minutes in duration.

The information submitted must be original research that has not been already published or documented.  If the research is about a known person, event or phenomenon, you can still enter the prize if you offer some fresh perspectives or insights. Any research offered for the Lane Cove History Prize must also be original in the sense that it has not been offered elsewhere, either in another prize or, for example, in completion, of some degree program of study.

Details, including guidelines and criteria for submission, can be found here.  The entry must be submitted by 31 August 2019.

If you have any questions about the prize, please email here.

The winning entry will be awarded a prize of $2,000 at the LCHS’s October Monthly Meeting. The best submissions will be published in the LCHS’s Journal, and all submissions will be archived in the LCHS Collection and also given to the Local Studies Unit of the Lane Cove Library. This project will primarily benefit the residents of the Lane Cove. However, it will also enrich the reserves of historical research within New South Wales and Australia.

We found the pictures below on You Grew Up In Lane Cove If You.…….  We thought this might inspire you to think about Lane Cove’s history.

Anzac Day Lane Cove
Source ‎You grew up In Lane Cove If You…
Burns bay road
Image Source: You Grew Up In Lane Cove If You….

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