Littlehubs – A Flexible Alternative to Traditional After-School Care

Do you have the after-school child care dilemma? What do you do with your kids between the end of the school day and the end of your working day?  How do you keep the kids occupied during school holidays?

Out of School Help (OOSH) is a great option although in Lane Cove, OOSH spots are hard to secure.  You need the spots on the days you work and sometimes those days are booked out (particularly Tuesday to Thursdays).

A New After School Care Option

There is now another option and it is called Littlehubs.

Littlehubs is a child care platform that’s creating a smarter way for families to access flexible and trusted child care. A family can book a screened child carer through the Littlehubs mobile platform, who can help the family manage everything from school pick-up to extra-curricular activities and homework.

A family can create a single arrangement for their own family, or they can buddy up with another friend from school to share the cost of care. Through sharing, a family can halve their costs while giving their kids another play buddy in the afternoon.

Littlehubs has been busily working across the Lower North Shore. It has established key partnerships with Anzac Park and Neutral Bay Public and it’s helped many duel working families who have been struggling to source after-school care.

Rebecca – a mum who has used LIttlehubs

This has been extremely successful for Rebecca from North Ryde, “Littlehubs has been fantastic help in finding the best possible care for my son. They have streamlined their awesome new app to make it efficient and easy for parents to use. I highly recommend them, it’s taken a lot of pressure off trying to hire someone myself through various different forums.”



Rather than trying to do all the “heavy lifting” yourself, Littlehubs takes the hassle away and has streamlined the process through their app. You can explore carers near you, watch their video and book them through the app.  If you aren’t tech savvy, the Littlehubs team can also allocate a carer to you.

How Does Littlehubs Work?

Step 1: Carers and are verified by Littlehubs and must have a valid WWC, First Aid and relevant experience working with children.

Step 2: Parents can explore, watch video snapshots and book carers on the app. Alternatively, you can do it the old fashion way by calling the Littlehubs team.

Step 3: The first week is a trial, where you can cancel at any time. Once confirmed, the app manages the carers weekly booking, timesheets and payments each week. You don’t need to find cash at the end of the week.  You pay Littlehubs and we pay the carer.

Step 4: Littlehubs can also help you connect you with another family to share the cost of care. To keep it simple, all shared arrangements are split and its handled automatically through the app.

There are no sign up fees Littlehubs charges an all-inclusive rate which covers the carers hourly rate, insurance and the margin to help manage the running of the platform. Single arrangements cost $28.50 per hour and shared arrangements cost each family $16.50 per hour.

How Does Littlehubs Find Carers?

Littlehubs has established partnerships with a number of colleges and universities across Sydney.

Rebecca – A Littlehubs After School Carer

The flexibility of afternoon-care worked well for carer Ashleigh “Littlehubs fitted perfectly with my University classes, because I am able to work on assignments/study during the day and work in the afternoon/night”

Littlehubs is always on the lookout for high quality carers, especially students who are studying Education, Nursing or other child care related fields.

If you know someone who would be a high-quality candidate, you might want to suggest that they sign up here.

Don’t stress trying to find a carer on your own, help is here!!

If you are interested in finding out more about Littlehubs, you can register here to get more information.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Facebook:  @littlehubsau
Instagram: @littlehubsau

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