Lane Cove Council Parking Infringements Rising

Confusing? Who Said Parking Signs are Confusing in Lane Cove?

Last year Lane Cove Council made the top 10 list of local councils who had issued over $1 million in parking infringement fines.  This financial year has not finished and Lane Cove Council has already received $ 1275 717 in parking fine infringement revenue.

Last year the Lane Cove Council employed a ranger to specifically patrol the Lane Cove Village Area.  Fines have also increased since the Lane Cove Market Square Exit Gates were introduced. If you park over three hours, and forget to pay when you exit Lane Cove Market Square, you now have the option to pay for your parking online at

There are still some glitches in the system. One resident advised us of the following:

I have received a parking fine for parking in Market Square for over 3 hours. I exited via the red lane, stopped to pay but the machine was faulty. The voice over the intercom tried to correct it, but couldn’t and eventually told me to drive through. Then I received a fine, which I contested, but it has been denied and I’m told I have to pay or go to court. I’m furious! Has anyone else had this problem? And any suggestions what to do?

Another resident told us she had to pay for parking as she stayed over three hours but for one of the hours she was parked in the Little Street Carpark.  They combined the time parked at both Little Street Carpark and the Market Square Carpark.

ITC also understands that the new temporary carpark in the Rosenthal Avenue Carpark (2 hours parking) is being targeted by Rangers.  Make sure you display a ticket when you are parked.

2019 Parking Infringements


The Lane Cove Council General Manager Mr Craig Wrightson has told ITC on numerous occasions the Lane Cove Council is not interested in generating revenue from parking fines.  Their aim is to provide adequate parking for Lane Cove Residents to support local businesses.

It will be interesting to see the final 2018/2019 total Lane Cove Parking Revenue.

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