Lane Cove Council Declares Climate Emergency

The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group and 15 other local community groups have applauded Lane Cove Council for formally declaring a climate emergency last night at their September Council Meeting.

Lane Cove Council has joined 45 other Australian Local Councils in acknowledging that climate change poses a threat to the future of our cities.

Other local Councils that have declared a climate emergency include Hawkesbury City Council, Melbourne City Council, City of Sydney, City of Ryde and Randwick City Council and North Sydney Council. North Sydney Council also voted to encourage neighbouring Local Government Areas to also declare a climate emergency.

Lane Cove Council will now write to the NSW Premier, Lane Cove’s State/Federal member and State and Federal Environment Ministers and advise them of Lane Cove’s climate emergency resolution and call upon them to act urgently to address climate change and its impacts.

Declaration of Climate Emergency

The motion (set out below) was moved by Councillor Brent.  Prior to the motion being discussed by Councillors ,16 people spoke to the councillors asking for Lane Cove Council to declare a climate emergency.  Some of the speakers represented local community groups and others were concerned citizens.  One local high school student,  Corben, gave a passionate statement on how his generation would be impacted if we don’t all start taking steps now.

The declaration of the Climate Emergency was supported by all councillors except Councillors Bennison and Brooks-Horn.

Councillor Bennison said man made climate change was the biggest hoax since the Millennium Bug.  Councillor Brooks-Horn said that he was not an expert in the area and therefore felt he could not support the motion.

Notwithstanding their opposition to the declaration of a climate emergency, the two councillors joined with the other councillors in requesting a Sustainability Consultant’s report be tabled at the November 2019 Council 2019 meeting.  All Councillors supported the other resolutions.

The Lane Cove General Manager stated the Sustainability Consultant was asked to provide a list of new sustainability methods that could be implemented in the Lane Cove Council area and funded by the Sustainability Levy.

Note the Motion was amended to change the date to 2030. Final minutes not available yer

Lane Cove Council and Sustainability

The Lane Cove Council has a good record of supporting and promoting sustainability.  Lane Cove Council introduced their sustainability action plan ten years ago and has actively promoted sustainability in Lane Cove.

Local councils are key players in adaptation to climate change. They have authority over land-use planning, zoning and building permits and they can exert considerable influence over land development and energy efficiency. Councils have a responsibility to address the impacts climate change will have on the natural and built environments.

One issue Lane Cove Council must address is their current diversion to landfill rate.  The rate is higher than in previous years.

Lane Cove’s declining landfill diversion rate can be attributed to two main factors:

  • China’s National Sword Policy; and
  • NSW EPA banning the use of compost from mixed sources and impacting organic waste recycling

The Lane Cove Council needs to put pressure on the EPA to come up with a solution to the organic waste issue.  Read more here.  If you would like to share your organic waste with a neighbour who has a compost bin or chickens read more here.

Sustainability Lane

One of Lane Cove Council’s most popular event is Sustainability Lane at the Lane Cove Rotary Fair.  Come along and see sustainability in action and gets some great tips.  The Lane Cove Rotary Fair and Sustainability Lane is on October 13 2019.

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