Lane Cove Council Proposes City/Country Drought Relief Assistance

    Lane Cove Council last night, at an extraordinary general meeting, resolved to put in place fund raising strategies to assist two NSW drought impacted local government areas – Gunnedah and Cobar.

    Lane Cove Council will donate $5 000 to be used for drought impacted residents in those areas.

    Lane Cove Council will also be promoting and facilitating a Gift Card Drive to help families in these regions to buy Christmas food and gifts.  The aim is for the  Gift Cards to be used in those areas so both local residents and  local businesses are supported through these tough times.

    Gift Card Drive

    Lane Cove Council will soon publish information on how Lane Cove Residents can get involved in the Gift Card Drive.

    The options will be:

    • Purchase a Lane Cove Gift Card – the settings have been changed so that they will now work in Lane Cove and Gunnedah (geo – fenced to those two regions);
    • Purchase an IGA Card – Cobar only has an IGA. Gunnedah also has an IGA; or
    • Purchase a Mastercard/Visa Card – Lane Cove Council is still negotiating with banks to see if there can be a fee reduction

    The Gift Cards will be delivered to Cobar and Gunnedah before Christmas.  They will be given to local charities nominated by the Mayor/General Manager of the respective towns to distribute to drought impacted families.

    Lane Cove Council Promoting Gift Card Drive to Other Metropolitan Councils

    Lane Cove Council will be writing to all Metropolitan councils and asking them to adopt a similar approach. It’s hoped if each council “adopts” two drought impacted local government areas, this will make a difference.

    Last year Gunnedah Mayor Jamie Chaffey called on metropolitan councils to partner with drought-affected councils.

    Buy from the Bush/Stay in the Bush

    A movement that has gone viral is Buy from the Bush.  Gracie Clark (who grew up in Riverview and married a Riverview boy) and the Clark Family started Buy from the Bush.  It highlights goods made in rural Australia and asks people to buy from the bush.  It has  been so successful they have launched a sister page Stay in the Bush. This site will showcase beautiful places to lay your head en route to exploring the beautiful bush businesses you find on Buy from the bush!


    Last year Lane Cove Council and the Lane Cove area donated $31 819.52 in ITC’s Gold for Gunnedah campaign.

    Collection Points – $20 319.52 (distributed to Gunnedah Rotary)
    C3 Church Lane Cove – $ 6 500
    Lane Cove Council Donation – $5 000

    Lane Cove’s sister city is Gunnedah.  Last year, Lane Cove staged a week of drought relief help (which became longer than a week with more people staging events).  Gunnedah became Lane Cove’s Sister City after the last drought when Lane Cove helped the people of Gunnedah.  The funds were donated to Gunnedah West Rotary Club who has been distributing the funds to local families.  On 16th November Lane Cove Rotary will be visiting Gunnedah to see first hand how the funds were distributed and to see what else can be done to help our sister city.

    Councillor Scott Bennison called for the extraordinary meeting and he selected Cobar as the second city to receive funds from Lane Cove.  Some members of the public gallery queried why Mr Bennison chose Cobar.

    In the Cove will let you know how to assist with the Gift Card Drive when Lane Cove Council releases more details.  Lane Cove has always been very generous.  This year keep buying local and also buy some items from the bush.  #winwin

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