Police Calling for Witnesses to Osbourne Road Incident 7th November 2019

car break in

North Shore Police Command are calling for witnesses to an incident that took place in Osbourne Park yesterday afternoon (7th November 2019) around 4pm.

After getting off a bus on the Pacific Highway, a 16 year old boy walked down Osbourne Road Lane Cove.  He was approached by two males and was allegedly attacked.

The alleged attack was witnessed by a school girl who immediately ran home and her parents phoned the police.

Several local residents also came to help and the police are interested in interviewing those residents.

Another incident occurred in Osbourne Road around the same time as the incident above.

The police are also seeking any witnesses to an altercation that occurred near the Chatswood interchange at 3.30 pm.

Any person with information is urged to call 94148499 or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. please quote Ref E72448711.

Previous Incidents

In January this year a 14-year-old boy was walking along Hallam Avenue, towards the intersection with Garling Street.  He was approached by a group of five teenagers who demanded he hand over cash. When the boy refused, he was kicked and punched by one of the teens. The victim eventually handed over more than $150 with the group of teens running south along Hallam Avenue.  Read more here.

On Friday 29th March, an 18-year-old girl  was on a bus travelling towards the Lane Cove Interchange when she overheard two young males talking about a fellow passenger and his girlfriend.  The males were talking about how they were going to steal the boy’s shoes and money.  They were boasting how easy it was as they had done it before.  The young girl was not sure if this was just boasting or the males were going to carry through their plans.

When the bus stopped at the Lane Cove Interchange, she got off the bus and followed the two young males (who were following the young girl and boy passenger).  She noticed the males approaching the couple, as she got closer, she saw they had stopped the girl and boy and were in discussions with them.  She yelled out that she was watching them, and they ran off.

The North Shore Local Command later advised:

“Police are investigating an attempted robbery on a 16-year-old boy at Lane Cove Interchange on Friday evening.  The boy got off a bus with a friend around 6pm and was approached by two other youths who put their arms over his shoulder and asked if he had any money.  The boy said no and showed the contents of his wallet.  The boy was then asked what size his shoes were before a witness intervened causing the two youths to walk away.”

Action is Needed

At the Lane Cove Council meeting on Monday 4th November ITC urged the Lane Cove Council to take steps to work with the local area command to reduce crime incidents in Lane Cove.

ITC has also asked our local member Mr Anthony Roberts to meet with the North Shore Area Commander to put in place strategies to lower the crime rate in Lane Cove.