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Boat, Caravan and Trailer Parking in Lane Cove Streets

In 2017 Lane Cove Council introduced new boat trailer parking regulations.  However these regulations did not cover trailer parking, box trailers or caravans.

 Trailer parking in residential streets has been the subject of many complaints. Over the last year, Council has received 32 complaints regarding trailer parking.

Boat Trailer Parking

Since 1 September 2017 Lane Cove Council has been permitted to take action to impound boat trailers parked continuously on a street for more than 28 days. Previously rangers could only impound a vehicle or a trailer where the ranger was of the view, on reasonable grounds, that the boat or trailer has been abandoned or left unattended.

The 28-day relocation/moving provision was implemented to ensure boat owners returned to their on-street parked boat and trailer at least monthly to check on its condition, and to act as a disincentive to persons residing outside the local area. The thought process was if someone has to move their boat every 28 days they were more likely to park their boat near their place of residence.

This 28 day rule only applies to boat trailers and not any other type of trailer.

The jury is out on whether or not the 28 day rule is effective. A ranger marks the boat trailers tyres. However once a boat owner sees the tyres are marked, they drive around the block and park back in the original location a few days later.  The ranger then needs to commence the 28 day process again.

There is currently no legislation specific to other types of trailer parking. Council has no specific restrictions in place to prohibit the parking of other types of trailers in residential streets. As such, Council Rangers have been enforcing trailers the same way as a motor vehicle.

Boat Trailer Specific Parking Laws

Lane Cove Council has implemented 10hr Parking restrictions  8am – 8pm on Greenwich Road near Shell Park to ensure boat trailers are not parked for an unlimited period of time.

Lane Cove Council has also implemented a  ‘24-hour limit Vehicles with Trailers Only’ in Kooyong Road to allow trailers to park in the parking area in Burns Bay Reserve.  Although this measure has been implemented, In the Cove has received complaints from local residents that rangers are not enforcing this time limit.

No Parking – Motor Vehicles Excepted Trail

In June 2018, Northern Beaches Council commenced a six-month trial to enforce boat trailer parking in residential streets. Eleven sites were sign posted with ‘No Parking; Motor Vehicles Excepted’.  This trail resulted in boat trailers being moved.  Seventy percent of the trailers relocated to adjoining streets or reserves with the other 30% moving away from the area.

At the end of the trail, Northern Beaches Council implemented permanent No Parking Motor Vehicles Excepted parking in the 11 areas. As parking was only permitted for motor vehicles, this meant boat trailers, caravans and other trailers were not permitted in these areas.

Northern Beaches Council selected sites based on safety near schools, shops and generally busy areas. While the downside of the restriction is that the trailers moved to adjacent streets, they are streets that are less busy in comparison in terms of pedestrian and traffic volumes.

In the Lane Cove Council area, boats, caravans and trailers are parked in many different streets and not in clusters.  It is therefore difficult to work out where Lane Cove Council should implement No Parking Motor Vehicles Excepted.  If a boat, caravan or trailer could not be parked in one street, it would be moved to a nearby street.

Lane Cove Council’s Next Step

The most effective way to regulate boat trailers, box trailers, caravans and mobile self storage is to amend legislation.  At the last Lane Cove Council meeting it was resolved:

Lane Cove Council lobby the NSW Government to:

  • Amend the Boat Trailer Impounding Act 2015 to include other types of trailers (car trailers, box trailers, caravans, and mobile self-storage trailers);
  • Introduce an infringement under the Boat Trailer Impounding Act 2015 to allow Council Rangers to enforce the legislation more effectively; and
  • Where clustering of trailers occurs in particular areas of the LGA the ‘No Parking – Motor Vehicles Accepted’ method will be utilised, with approval sought from the Local Traffic Committee for implementation.

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