Reverse Vending Machine Installed in Little Street Car Park

The NSW Government’s Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme commenced in December 2017. Under this scheme, people can return eligible beverage containers for recycling in exchange for a 10-cent refund.  The scheme aims are to reduce the volume of litter in NSW by 40% by 2020 and increase the recycling of glass and plastic containers.

The community environmental and social benefits of the scheme are:

  • Environmental benefits with less litter in our parks and waterways;
  • community benefits with more incentive to recycle and earn funds for community programs;
  • Refunds can be directed towards local charities; and
  • Recycled containers become part of a circular economy that extends the life of these materials and reduces our reliance on natural resources.

When the scheme started, Lane Cove Residents had an option to exchange their containers at three retailers. Two of those retailers no longer exist and the other retailer stopped collecting.

Since early 2018, Lane Cove Council has been working with  TOMRA and Cleanway (the network operators of the Scheme), to assess a number of sites within Lane Cove to host a Reverse Vending Machine. None were acceptable due to TOMRA’S criteria regarding clearance, manoeuvring areas and separation to houses.

Lane Cove finally found a place for the machine in Little Street Car Park.

Little Street Car Park

The machine has been installed on the entry-level of the Little Street Car Park.  There is one parking space located near the machine.  If you only have a small number of bottles, you may want to park on a level and then take the lift to Blue P1.  The machine is on your left as you exit the lift.  The machine will be activated on Monday 9th December 2019 at 10.00 am.

What Can I recycle?

The Machine will be a single unit with one opening that can accept glass and one opening that can accept plastic bottles and aluminium cans. Customers will have the option to donate their refund to charities or redeem funds directly to their own account.

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