Mini Crime Spree in Lane Cove March 2020

    Another mini crime wave is sweeping the Lane Cove Council Area.  We have had reports of break-ins, attempted break-ins, and car break-ins in the last couple of days.

    Last night the police attended properties in Lane Cove West and Riverview around 1.30 – 2.00 am.

    Police have confirmed that there was an attempted break-in between 10 pm and 6 pm in Stokes Street Lane Cove North on 18th March 2020.  The intruders were not able to gain access.

    In Lane Cove West two men in hoodies, balaclavas and gloves attempted to break into a house.  The resident was alerted by their dog and sensors lights.

    In Riverview Street, Riverview a female intruder was disturbed during a robbery.  The police dogs were called out and did pick up a scent.  The scent abruptly halted and it believed the offender had a person waiting outside in a car.

    On Monday night a car was broken into in Kallaroo Road and the dashcam and other items were stolen.

    On Sunday morning a house in Henley Street Lane Cove West was broken into by two males.

    The police have confirmed that the intruders are looking for high-value cars and are entering premises to steal keys.  See below some advice on how to make sure it is difficult for intruders to find your keys.

    Search Warrants

    This morning North Shore Police executed search warrants in Lane Cove and Artarmon in relation to drug activities.  One man was taken by police in Helen Street Lane Cove.

    Steps to Prevent Motor Vehicle Theft

    • Don’t leave your car key in your car;
    • Always tell your neighbours when you’re going away;
    • Install Sensor Lights – ITC has been told about intruders fleeing after a sensor light is activated;
    • Don’t leave your car keys, wallets, iPad, iPhone and handbags by your door or in plain sight – this is an easy “grab and go” for intruders;
    • It is easy for an intruder to steal your car if they find your car keys near the front door or on a hall table in a very organised car key/key bowl;
    • Be on the lookout for someone who is acting suspiciously, e.g. looking in windows/checking parked vehicles. Make a note of the person’s appearance, clothing, and call the police immediately. You can report any crime or suspicious activities anonymously. Call North Shore LAC on 9418 8499 (always call 000 if there is an emergency).
    • Invest in Security Cameras, the cost of security cameras has decreased lately. Speak to local experts Alert Locks and Security for some recommendations; and
    • Finally, make sure your street number is visible so that if anything does happen the police can easily find your home.

    Report Crime

    It is important for Lane Cove Residents to report all incidents to police.  By reporting incidents this helps police monitor patterns and trends.  Read more here as to how you can quickly report a police matter.

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