Lane Cove Local Gluten Free Pasta Business

At In The Cove we love hearing about innovative Lane Cove businesses and we have found a good one for you.

Lane Cove based business GF Pasta Di Casa is an innovative Sydney based artisan company established earlier this year.

GF Pasta Di Casa is a personal mission for their founder, Anthony Dionne.  Anthony is  a qualified chef suffering from coeliac disease.

Having worked for many years in some of the best restaurants in Sydney, including Icebergs and Pendolino, he realised that there was a void in the market for fresh gluten free pasta that was not only certified for coeliacs, but also achieved that wholesome, flavoursome taste. And so the idea of Gluten Free Pasta Di Casa was born.

Taste is always top of the agenda for GF Pasta Di Casa, and Anthony Dionne feels passionately that gluten free should never be a compromise.  Anthony told ITC that whatever his business produces, they simply won’t stop until they deliver the most authentic taste and texture. Their motto is: Pasta so good, you’ll find it hard to believe it’s gluten free.

GF Pasta Di Casa have tried, tested, and experimented using innovative techniques to create delicious fresh gluten free pasta.

What Products Do They Sell?

Plain fettuccine;
Spinach and ricotta ravioli;
Lasagne sheets; and
Chef’s pick of the week.

What Has Been the Feedback?

Here are just some of the testimonials GF Pasta Di Casa has received:
“I can’t endorse this product enough. After using Barilla etc., this is the best product on the market by far. Anthony has first hand experience in the catering and the hospitality industry. The professionalism in which he makes and delivers his product is second to none. I’m happy to be able to provide his produce for our business at the East Village Hotel. Thanks Anthony. Our gluten intolerant customers can’t thank you enough.” Ryan Smith, Head Chef at East Village Hotel Balmain
“Even my mum who hates all GF pasta was a fan. We have tried almost every brand of pasta on the market and yours outshines the rest.”
“I can honestly say it was THE BEST pasta I’ve had since being diagnosed five years ago. It was restaurant quality and even my non CD husband loved it! I cooked two types because I couldn’t wait to try them. I had the plain fettuccine and spinach and ricotta ravioli. Thank you so much Anthony! I can’t wait to purchase again.”
“I shared the meal with my fellow coeliac sister, and we both agree it is the best pasta we have had in a while, and restaurant quality.”
“This pasta was amazing! My husband was blown away (and he doesn’t even have CD). We did a prawn chorizo tomato dish – it was delicious! I wanted to take some to work but my husband ate the entire thing.”
Chef’s Special – Beetroot Pasta

How Can I Purchase GF Pasta Di Casa?

Prices at July 2019 are:

Plain Fettuccine – $5 for one portion (125g)
Spinach and ricotta ravioli – $7 for 8 pieces
Lasagne sheets – $5 for 2 sheets (125g)
Chef’s special of the week – $6 for 1 portion (125g)

You can order via email [email protected]

Product pick up is in Lane Cove. Local delivery is available depending on location.

Contact Details

Phone: 0420 982 220
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @gf_pastadicasa
Facebook: @gfpastadicasa

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