Lane Cove Follows the Rainbow

First, it was the bear trail and then it was the rainbow trail (or was it the other way around)?

What is the Rainbow Trail?

We may be under home isolation but exercise is still permitted. Families look at rainbows as they walk around the neighbourhood.

What Should the Rainbow Look Like?

Well to be a Rainbow you just need to know ROY G BIV.

The letters stand for the first letter of each colour.

R is for red.
O is for orange.
Y is for yellow.
G is for green.
B is for blue.
I is for indigo.
V is for violet.

Where Do I Display the Rainbow?

The rainbow could be

  • a poster on a window
  • a chalk rainbow on a footpath or driveway
  • a 3-D rainbow made out of swimming noodles on the front lawn
  • a rainbow diorama
  • a rainbow made from colourful rags (those old T Shirts that are not good enough to donate to charity shops)

The possibilities are endless.  If you want some inspiration check out these ones in the UK.

What a great Easter project – the family making a big Rainbow for the house – one that could even be seen from Space (okay not Space but the Lane Cove Interchange Bridge).

Keep It Local

If you’re going on a rainbow trail search you need to keep it local and do a different street or patch every day.  This is not like the Christmas Lights where you are encouraged to drive up and down the streets with the most number of lights.  If everyone did that we would have a gathering. In fact, under the new stay home rules, you are not permitted to drive unless you have a reasonable excuse.  So driving to see the rainbow trail is not permitted.  However, walking to see the rainbows is wonderful exercise.


If you or your family are under mandatory self-isolation or someone in your family has a cough, fever, sore throat or feels unwell do not leave the house and walk along a rainbow trail.  If you see other families don’t stop and chat.  Just wave, smile and keep your social distance.

How Do I Get Involved?

Put a Rainbow somewhere on your house or your sidewalk (don’t forget to buy chalk when you next go out to shop).

Once you have done that, fill out the form below with your street details. We have put together a map that shows the streets that are participating.  We are not listing street numbers as the fun is knowing there is a rainbow in the street – but which house?

Please note your street will not appear immediately on the map as we have to do a bit of magic before it is uploaded.

Lane Cove Rainbow Trail


Rainbow Trail Map



Make Your Rainbow a Social Media Sensation – Rainbow of the Day

You all know about ITC’s Dog of the Day, we also have Bear of the Day – now we will have Rainbow of the Day

To be featured you can:

  • Post it on your Facebook page and use the #itcrainbowoftheday
  • Post it on your Instagram page and use the #itcrainbowoftheday
  • Email us your pictures at [email protected]

Please note that if your Facebook Page or Instagram Page is set to a private setting we will not be able to access the pictures.

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