Lane Cove Author Aura Parker Releases Goodnight Glow Worms

Aura Parker is a Lane Cove local illustrator, writer and designer (wow a triple threat).

In 2016, Aura released her first children’s book called TWIG. The book was very popular and was a 2017 CBCA Notable for Early Childhood. Since then she has released more magical children’s books – Cocoon, Meerkat Splash and now Goodnight Glow Worms.

Goodnight Glow Worms

This book is the perfect book for young kids to read with their parents before bedtime.  Aura’ss playful rhyme and energetic illustrations combine to create the perfect picture book for the very young.  Spoiler Alert:  it has a lovely ending to send you little ones to sleep.

Goodnight, Glow Worms shining bright,
Time to dim your Glow Worm light
Glow Worms gleaming, beaming round,
Can’t switch off and can’t wind down.

Signed copies are now available for purchase at Burns Bay Bookery.


Cocoon is a story about patience and achieving your dreams it also touches on solitude, independence and the wonder of life cycles. It’s the perfect story for bug lovers.  On every page there are tiny details to discover.  Cocoon is about friendship, patience, imagination, teamwork, counting, insects, goals and flying.  The story is about Dawn and her best friends.  They have a plan to eat as many leaves as they can, weave cocoons and turn into moths so they can FLY!

Easy peasy, right? But what happens when days go by and Dawn still doesn’t have her wings? What if she doesn’t grow them at all? Will Dawn ever get to chase the lights with her friends?

Meerkat Splash


Why Did You Decide To Write Children’s Books?

I have always had the writing bug, as a child, I would make up stories and write diaries. These days writing is a bit of an obsession and the main reason I do it is because I just love it! I have a background in illustration, design and also make screen printed textiles at Studio Bonnie. Children’s literature is a passion of mine and the books kind of tie everything together, things I learn from my own children, the patterned nature of the textiles, it is all in there. I love drawing and with picture books, I get to do both words and pictures! I enjoy my work immensely and it is really exciting when I’m working on a story and things start to fall into place. 

Did Living in Lane Cove Provide Some Inspiration?

My first book TWIG is dedicated to my son Saxon and I wrote it when he was going through a huge bug-phase and about to start Kindy. I live on the edge of the bush in Lane Cove and we used to go exploring together looking for insects. I enjoy walking around our local area, it is stunning and we are lucky to be surrounded by nature which is a constant inspiration for my writing and I’ll often come back from a walk brimming with ideas, or having solved something to do with a story I’m working on.


TWIG has now gone international and is available in Australia,  Canada (English, and French edition ‘Brindille’), South East Asia (English, and audio pack edition), China and South Korea and the USA.  This is a huge achievement for a local author.

All books are available from Burns Bay Bookery in Lane Cove.

Facebook:  @Aura Parker
Instagram: @AuraParker

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