Lane Cove Drive Carefully Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend

Many of us are back in the office, and this long weekend will feel like a long weekend (unlike Easter this year).

Are you planning a road trip within New South Wales?  A road trip is a great way to help those communities impacted by fire, flood and COVID19.  We want to see you back in Lane Cove, so please drive carefully.

Double Demerits

Double Demerit points are in place for four days over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (Friday 5 June to Monday 8 June inclusive).

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, said double demerit points would be in effect with a high-visibility operation.

“Drivers can expect to see plenty of officers out on our streets, enforcing the road rules and ensuring that all road users reach their destination safely,” Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

School Zones

Remember Friday 5 June is a school day so be even more careful today around school zones.

The demerit points below will be doubled on 5 June 2020.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command officers are taking this opportunity to remind road users of the following near School Zones.

• Drivers – to either park away from school and escort students in, park in designated areas, or heed the kiss and drop zones

• Parents – to hold their school-age child’s hand, along with younger siblings, when crossing the road and escorting them into school grounds

Police will be patrolling school zones throughout NSW ensuring road users comply with the road rules, keeping everyone safe. Penalties for school zone offences include:

• Drive on a path – $457 / 4 demerit points

• Drive without proper control – $572 4 demerit points

• Drive using a mobile phone – $457 / 5 points

• Drive with an animal on lap – $572 / 4 points

• Stop in bus zone – $344 / 2 points

• Exceed speed >45kph – $2636 / 7 points

Mobile Phone Detection Cameras

Don’t be tempted to use your phone. This weekend is the second time active Mobile Phone Detection Cameras are being used and fines issued. Drivers caught using their phones during a double demerit period will receive a $457 fine and ten demerits.

Driver Distraction by mobile devices is becoming a significant road safety issue – and particularly with young drivers, according to an NRMA report.

A key finding of Can’t Talk. Driving is that 41% of people involved in serious casualty crashes between 2008 and 2016, where a handheld mobile phone was a contributing factor, were aged 25 or under, even though drivers in this category comprise only 16% of the motoring population.

This is despite law changes that banned P2 drivers in NSW from using mobile phones in any capacity. The statistic supports findings that provisional licence holders are impaired more by mobile phone distraction than full licence holders.

But mobile technology is a threat to all road users: driver distraction in general accounts for 9% of total driver involvements in fatal crashes over the same period, while distraction by a handheld mobile phone was a factor in 2% of all fatal crashes.

The NRMA report also noted:

“Research has also found that older drivers are at greater risk because they have more difficulty multitasking and have slower response times.”

Operation Stay Alert

NSW Police have launched Operation Stay Alert – the state’s road safety enforcement operation – targeting reckless road users over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

From midnight (Friday 5 June 2020) to 11.59 pm on Monday (8 June 2020), officers will be out in force targeting speeding, drink and drug driving, driving while fatigued, mobile phone, helmet and other traffic offences.

This week stationary Random Breath Test (RBT) and Roadside Drug Test (RDT) resumed following the easing of various restrictions, including increased patronage at licenced premises and higher traffic volumes on the state’s roads.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, also said:

“Now, with stationary RBT and RDT operational again alongside our mobile testing, there won’t be anywhere you can hide if you’ve consumed alcohol or prohibited drugs.

“So slow down, put your phone away and have a Plan B if you are consuming alcohol – otherwise, you’ll meet with one of our officers who will take the appropriate action.”

Anyone with information about dangerous driving behaviours is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or Information is treated in strict confidence.

Have fun and drive safely and see you In The Cove soon.  For those of you that are staying at home, we will let you know which cafes and restaurants will be open.

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