The June Long Weekend Lane Cove Vandalism Continues

There seems to be a trend when it comes to senseless vandalism in Lane Cove.

In June 2018 In the Cove reported that vandalism incidents in Lane Cove started to increase around the June long weekend. June and July tend to be months where vandalism spikes.

Lane Cove Council Area Vandalism

In 2018 vandals started to initial target cars and then they began to smash bus shelter glass windows.

Other petty acts included stealing street signs around Longueville, stealing road signs and tampering with directional road signs.



This weekend (June 6th to 8th 2020) vandals ripped out parking signs, street signs and as you can see from our cover photo relocated signs.

Crime Stats

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) publish crime statistics for all NSW Local Government Areas.

Every three months BOCSAR publishes a report showing crime trends for all of NSW, plus each region and Local Government Area (LGA). For the latest report, visit their recorded crime reports page.

There is also an interactive Crime Mapping Tool showing the latest maps, graphs and data on crimes, victims and offenders in NSW LGAs, suburbs or postcodes.

Petty Crime and Incidents happen in all areas, obviously sites like In the Cove raise awareness of these issues so that people can be alert and if necessary take steps like installing CCTV.  If you live along Longueville Road (near Zeta Street) or Cox’s Lane and Sutherland Street and have CCTV or dashcam vision of the vandals, please contact the North Shore Lower Area Police Command.

Damage to property is a senseless act.  If you see anything, you can report crime online here.  It’s essential to report all incidents (no matter how small) as this helps establish a pattern and can impact police resourcing.

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  1. What the Lane Cove Area requires as a deterrent against vandalism is regular Police visibility, as a suggestion perhaps a police patrol card roaming the streets throughout the whole area every night between the hours of 6 pm and midnight might be a good start. Currently, there is a zero police presents throughout the whole area, which was supposed to have improved when the Lane Cove Police Station was closed a few years ago. This certainly has not been the case.

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