Lane Cove News Week in Review 21st to 27th June 2020

The big talking point in Lane Cove this week was a positive COVID19 test for a year two student at Lane Cove West Public School.

Positive COVID19 Test Lane Cove West Public School

On Wednesday night, parents were notified that a year two student Lane Cove West Public School Student had tested positive for COVID19.  It appears to be a case of community transmission; however, NSW Health is undertaking further investigations.

The School was closed on Thursday 25 June for deep cleaning and contact tracing.

The NSW Health Minister applauded the Lane Cove West Public School community for coming forward and being tested at a special testing centre at RNSH.  Read more here.

The Canopy Shared Zone Causing Concern

ITC has been contacted by numerous residents who are concerned about The Canopy’s Shared Zone. They are worried that both drivers and pedestrians may not be aware that it is a shared zone as this is a new concept in Lane Cove.

What is a shared zone, and why was a shared zone introduced?  Read more here.

Lane Cove Golf Course Proposed Redevelopment

Lane Cove Golf Club is circulating a petition against Lane Cove Council’s proposed redevelopment of the Lane Cove Golf Course as a recreational precinct, as detailed in Council’s Sport and Recreation Precinct – Concept Plan (see plan below).

In the Club’s opinion, the Concept Plan proposes to substantially redevelop the Golf Course to the detriment of golfers and the local community.

The Lane Cove Council petition states the Concept plan:

  • eliminates 33% of the current course layout;
  • reduces the PAR of the course from 64 to a 58 (resulting in a “pitch and putt facility”);
  • includes a driving range in place of the existing 8th/17th and 9th/18th fairways and 8th/17th greens scoped by the Council to result in 53,500 visits per annum detrimentally impacting the quiet enjoyment of neighbouring properties as well as likely environmental destruction to the local fauna and flora;
  • includes a “putt-putt course” in place of the existing 9th green;
  • includes a short game practice area in place of the 7th green; and
  • increases traffic movements, noise and light pollution.

If you want to save the footprint of the current golf course, you can sign the petition on display in the Lane Cove clubhouse, Porters Liquor Northwood or Nibu Cafe Lane Cove.

Read about the history of the Lane Cove Golf Club here.

Use of Round-Up by Lane Cove Council

The use of glyphosate (aka RoundUp) in Lane Cove parks and playgrounds has been debated by Lane Cove Councillors as recently as August last year. This week, Bayer released a statement saying it has agreed to pay more than $10 billion to settle tens of thousands of claims in the United States alleging its popular weedkiller Roundup causes cancer.

Bayers made the following statements about the safety of Roundup:

“The decision to resolve the Roundup™ litigation enables us to focus fully on the critical supply of healthcare and food. It will also return the conversation about the safety and utility of glyphosate-based herbicides to the scientific and regulatory arena and the full body of science.”

“Our company is grounded in the well-being of our customers. As a science-based company committed to improving people’s health, we have great sympathy for anyone who suffers from disease, and we understand their search for answers. At the same time, the extensive body of science indicates that Roundup™ does not cause cancer, and therefore, is not responsible for the illnesses alleged in this litigation. We stand strongly behind our glyphosate-based herbicides, which are among the most rigorously studied products of their kind, and four decades of science support their safety and that they are not carcinogenic.” Indeed, in its Interim Registration Review Decision, issued in January, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accurately concluded that it “did not identify any human health risks from exposure to glyphosate.”

A summary of the Lane Cove Council debate is here.

Lane Cove Buses – Privatisation/Franchising

Transport for NSW has now released tender documents seeking a private operator to operate Lane Cove Bus services. The Transport Action Group has sent out an email asking residents to contact the Premier or our local member to give the people of NSW an iron-clad guarantee that no stops or services will be cut, and no workers will be worse off under privatisation. More details here.

House of Welcome Thanks the Lane Cove Community

Our cover photo is a lovely note from a local Lane Cove school student.

The House of Welcome (an organisation set up to help refugees) thanked St Michaels Parish for organising a food drive for the House of Welcome.   This note accompanied the food.

One of the food drive organisers advised ITC:

“I’m very pleased to say that we had nearly 2 tonnes of food and raised $1,400 in cash donations thanks to the Parish, school and amazing Lane Cove community. ”

Lost Watch

ITC has been contacted by the niece of a 92-year-old Lane Cove Resident. On Wednesday last week (17 June), Regindal Lemartre lost his watch in Lane Cove Village. He went to the Canopy, ALDI, Westpac Bank and through the Central Arcade. It is a leather watch with a leather cover that goes over the watch face. He was given the watch when he was 21 by his mum and dad, so it has great sentimental value. If anyone picked up the watch or has seen the watch please email ITC. Reg’s full name is on the watch. Picture of the watch below – please let your friends know about this post so we can find the watch.

They have contacted each store/business they visited but have not found it so far.

Business Alert

The old big barra seafood premises at Lane Cove Market Square will be a dentist. If you are a dental assistant, they are looking to hire staff. Pacific Smiles Dental will operate it

Four Frogs Crêperie is open again in Lane Cove.  Due to the nature of their Galettes and Crepes, they are best eaten as soon as they are made, so takeaway was not an option for Four Frogs.  Please support them by popping in for a delicious savoury galette or sumptuous crepe.

Police Incidents and Reports

Graffiti costs Lane Cove Ratepayers $32,000 a year. This wall in Sera St has been cleaned four times in 6 weeks and was again vandalised this week.

Have you ever left the keys in the car while unpacking the groceries or left your handbag in the car while unpacking groceries? The North Shore Police Area Command crime prevention officer has reported the following incident at Greenwich. Remember to take your keys with you at all times.

“An 83-year-old man had his car stolen while carrying groceries into his unit on Thursday 18 June. The elderly man returned home, to his unit block on the Pacific Highway, from a shopping trip around 10.30 am. He left the keys in the ignition of his Mazda 2 while unloading the groceries and walked back outside to find the car missing. Police are investigating.”

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