Teen Charged After Allegedly Punching and Spitting at a Bus Driver in Lane Cove

    A 14-year-old has been charged with assaulting police after an incident in Lane Cove on Wednesday.

    Police will allege just before 12 pm on 12 August 2020, a 14-year-old boy boarded a bus at Lane Cove while appearing to be heavily affected by alcohol.

    The driver of the bus told the teenager not to board, but when he boarded the bus anyway, the driver called police.

    The teenager allegedly then punched the driver in the head and spat in his face, before getting off the bus.

    Officers from North Shore Police Area Command located the young person a short time later, taking him back to Chatswood Police Station, where he allegedly assaulted a police officer who was assisting him to an ambulance.

    He was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital for observation.

    About 1 pm on Thursday 13 August 2020, he was released from hospital and taken back to Chatswood Police station, where he was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, common assault, assault officer in execution of duty, assault police officer in execution of duty cause actual bodily harm, behave in offensive manner in/near public place, stalk/intimidate intend fear physical harm, not comply noticed direction re spitting/coughing – COVID-19.

    The teen was refused bail to appear before a children’s court today (Friday 14 August 2020).

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