A Good News Story – The Lane Cove Community Sourced Bike

    One of our Roving Reporters David Mitchell was involved in a good news story during these tough COVID19 times.  Take it away David…

    It is wonderful to be able to share a happy COVID-19 story. The story includes a number of very generous people in Lane Cove. And, the story starts on Lane Cove Chat by ITC.

    A post on Facebook’s Lane Cove Chat by ITC sought a bicycle for a student from overseas. The student was billeting at a house in Lane Cove and commuting daily to Chatswood. The bicycle would help defer the cost of Opal fares, and offer flexibility in travel times. COVID-19 had affected the student’s movements and his financial means – the community’s assistance would mean a lot to him.

    On the Facebook post the comments quickly filled with generous offers from Lane Cove residents. A bicycle was quickly offered (with photographs included), and then there was an offer of an unused helmet. Finally, there was a proposal to service the bicycle. Many others offered cash to cover any costs.

    The student was delighted at all the offers. He expressed how Australians were very generous and kind. He was very much looking to the day when he could complete his first journey from Lane Cove to Chatswood.

    The bicycle was serviced. The servicing itself benefitted from some hurried crowd-sourcing of tools and equipment from locals in Finlayson Street. Importantly, the lofty seat was lowered to a suitable height. With the addition of lights, water bottle and bell the bicycle was made roadworthy and ready to start on its daily commute run from Lane Cove to Chatswood and return.

    It was a fantastic experience to be part of. Indeed, all of the half dozen Lane Cove locals engaged should be congratulated for helping a visitor. Thank you to ITC for providing the Facebook’s Lane Cove Chat and for its role in bringing people together.

    Note: for a list of servicing done on the bicycle refer to this list linked.

    What a great story David, if you know of another story like this where someone has gone above and beyond to help out a local, please email us at [email protected]

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