Dirty Rug?  Give them a Rug Spa Treatment by Devine Rug Care

Last year we were contacted by Divine Rug Care.   They contacted us after an ITC reader was so impressed with their clean rug by Devine Rug Care, they encouraged them to call us.  We had never heard of off-site rug cleaning or a rug spa before. We usually only permit local advertising, but after researching their process, we were impressed.  We asked Devine Rug Care to give us a rundown on rug cleaning.

What is the Difference between a Rug Cleaner and a Carpet Cleaner?

Carpet cleaners clean carpets on-site, whereas rug cleaners’ clean rugs at a rug washing centre. This is an essential difference because to be cleaned properly; rugs need to be fully immersed in water. This is only possible using equipment such as Divine Rug Cleaning’s ‘rug spa’. While carpet cleaners can do a fine job getting your rug wet and ‘looking’ clean, it won’t actually ‘be’ clean or stay clean for long, because ingrained dirt will quickly resurface once it’s dried.

Also, carpet cleaners may not know how to handle the various fibre types of many rugs, while rug cleaners do. Meaning your rug could get damaged or destroyed by using a carpet cleaner.

What Services Does Devine Rug Care Provide?

Rug Cleaning

Devine Rug Care is Sydney’s leading specialist for rug cleaning. We can remove dust and dirt accumulated in your rugs and restore their pristine condition. We provide rug cleaning for Chinese rugs, Indian, rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, synthetic rugs and more.

Stain Removal

From wine to coffee stains, Devine Rug Care does it all. Being familiar with all kinds of rug fibres including silk, wool and cotton, we are well-versed in removing stains and making rugs look good as new.

Water Damage Removal

Whether your washer overflowed or your spilt water on your antique rug, get in touch with Devine Rug Care immediately. If rugs are left damp, it takes only a few days for mould to develop. Allow us to restore your rugs from water damage.

Urine Damage Removal

When you have pets at home, they are bound to have a little accident on any rugs and upholstery. Pet urine can not only stain your rugs but also leave behind unpleasant odours. Devine Rug Care specialises in Urine Damage Removal in Sydney.

Rug Protection

Rugs quickly soak up any spills before you have the time to blot it. Protect your rugs from tough stains with Devine Rug Care’s Rug Protection. We apply a stain protector that will act as an invisible barrier between rugs and spills, and you can quickly dab away the stains.

Blood Removal

Removing blood from rugs can be unpleasant. Devine Rug Care is happy to pick up your rug, completely remove any blood stains and drop it back.

Dye Run Removal

Liquid spills can cause different colours on your rug to bleed and smudge into each other. Devine Rug Care specialises in Dye Run Removal.

We clean up any streaks and restore whites of rugs.

Red Wine Removal

Red wine stains are tough to get out. Instead of further penetrating the stain, allow Devine Rug Care to remove wine stains quickly. We use high-quality products and expert techniques for effective Red Wine Removal.

What is that, Odour?

Odd smells are a fairly common problem with rugs of all different fibres and constructions. And while most of us are tempted to make this a DIY project, rug cleaning requires the expertise of professionals.

Moreover, smelly carpets can cause a wide range of health problems, which is why it is necessary that you immediately contact Devine Rug Care for getting odour out of wool rug.

Black Tie Rug Collection

We provide black tie rug collection and delivery service to give you the convenience and peace of mind that once the rug is appropriately cleaned, it will be delivered back to you safely.

Once the rug reaches their care facility, we conduct an initial inspection so that the rugs don’t lose the shine and dye. We take note of pre-existing damage, stains and spills. Depending on the rug’s material, we customise an appropriate cleaning solution to provide complete fibre protection.

The cleaning process starts when the rugs are brought to our large wash pits, where we remove all the stains, spills, deep-seated dirt, mould, bad odours and smells.

We use our commercial-grade centrifuge machine to rinse rugs of all sizes. After cleaning and rinsing your rug thoroughly, we groom it with care to get it back to looking new and fresh again. We also apply our non-toxic stain protector to prevent future spills and stains from settling deep inside the rug’s fibres.

Whether your rug is tufted or woven, handmade or machine-made, we can clean it using suitable products and methods.


 We have implemented five critical changes with COVID-19:

  1. When cleaning rugs, we use an EPA-registered antimicrobial sanitiser effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 / coronavirus), which is in line with Australia’s Department of Health recommendations. This, in addition to our full-immersion rug cleaning equipment, means your rugs are free of any COVID-19 when cleaned with Devine Rug Care.
  2. After cleaning rugs, we again use another EPA-registered antimicrobial sanitiser effective against SARS-CoV2 to completely clean and sanitise our equipment. This is done after every job, not just to ensure you and your family are clean but also to protect our staff and limit any risk of COVID-19 transfer. All equipment is then re-cleaned at the end of each working day.
  3. After picking- or dropping-off rugs, we sanitise our vehicles entirely once they return to our facilities. Again, this is to protect you and your family, our staff, and to limit any risk of this virus transferring at any point.
  4. During the workday, we adhere to strict social distancing, and all our staff have been trained in the correct use of ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ (PPE), which they’re provided whenever necessary during rug cleans. We’ve also incorporated stricter personal sanitation measures and wear gloves.
  5. Zero Contact Pick-Up & Deliveries
    Our first priority right now is the health and safety of our team members and customers. That’s why we are now offering Zero Contact Delivery and Pick-Up.

Other Services

Devine Rug Care provides Rug and Carpet Protection and also Leather Cleaning.

Contact Details

Address: 17 Mitchell Rd, Brookvale, Sydney, 2100

Phone: (02) 9982 1000

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DevineRugCleaning

Website: rugclean.com.au

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