Huskee Reusable Cup Initiative Lane Cove Launch

Huskee has partnered with the Lane Cove Council to help local businesses transition away from single-use disposable cups and to operate more sustainably.

The Huskee Swap system uses the HuskeeCup, and the programme is a #winwin for cafes, coffee drinkers and the environment.

What is a HuskeeCup?

The Good Design Award-winning cup is made from coffee husks, a product from the milling stage of coffee production, which has good thermal properties to keep drinks warmer for longer and is dishwasher safe. Once the cup has reached the end of its life, it is recyclable, making the whole process highly sustainable.

How Does It Work?

Coffee drinkers just need to hand in a HuskeeCup when ordering (or buy one from the cafe) which is put aside to be washed at a more convenient time along with their ceramics and glass wear. The barista then makes the coffee in a clean, ready to go HuskeeCup from their float. Essentially swapping a cup with every order.

What Are the Benefits?

  • No need for single-use disposable cups!
  • All HuskeeCups are hygienically cleaned and sanitised in a commercial dishwasher.
  • Coffees are made faster – opposed to washing any dirty reusable cups or cafes having to remember who owns which reusable cup.
  • Integration with order ahead – making it the only way to truly order ahead with a reusable cup (for example Hey You)

How Do I Get Involved?

Coffee drinkers just need to buy a HuskeeCup from a participating cafe!  You can also ask your local cafe to get involved in the programme.

How Does a Local Cafe Get on Board?

All cafes need to participate are float cups, to swap with customer and retail cups, so anyone who needs a cup to swap can buy one. There’s no subscription fee or contractual obligations.

Lane Cove Council are sponsoring the float cups for any cafe that registers for the launch.  To find out more, read here.  You must register by 31st January 2021 by emailing [email protected]

The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group supports the Huskee Swap Programme, and Huskee Swap is a preferred partner of Responsible Cafes.

Did Someone Say Free Coffee?

There will be a free coffee promotion for anyone that swaps their HuskeeCup during the launch, with all participating cafes featured on a Lane Cove map.  The programme will launch in March 2021.

ITC can’t wait to get their hands on a HuskeeCup.  We can’t tell you how many times our reusable cup could not be used as it was at the bottom of our bag (dirty and forgotten).  We look forward to continuing further research for our PhD in coffee drinking by embracing a HuskeeCup.

This is a sponsored post.