Where is the Lane Cove Village Green?

    The Lane Cove Council has named the grass area in The Canopy as The Village Green.  This was a surprise, and as far as In, the Cove can recollect, the Council did not seek public comment on this name.   By calling the grass area at The Canopy, the Village Green, Lane Cove Council is causing confusion.

    In the Cove asked members of Lane Cove Chat by ITC where The Village Green was located in Lane Cove.

    68.4% of respondents believe The Village Green is the Lane Cove Plaza area near the Bandstand (see below).

    Some other names for The Canopy green area were suggested, like the Lawns or the Canopy Green.

    What do you think?  What should the grass area in The Canopy be called?  Should the Lane Cove Council rename The Canopy Green area?

    Speaking of the Lane Cove Village Plaza, we need to do something to “jazz it up”?

    The Lane Cove Village Green has always been the heart of the Lane Cove Village.  The Canopy is a wonderful addition, but Lane Cove Council and residents must work hard to ensure that the whole of the Lane Cove Village is a vibrant space.

    The Lane Cove Plaza is looking a bit sad at the moment.

    The Lane Cove Council has installed an art installation in the plaza which is colourful and bright.  Unfortunately, it just draws attention to the dirty shade cloth.

    The Lane Cove Plaza needs to be reactivated, and in particular, the area in front of Cozy Cove needs to be reactivated.

    In a time when al fresco dining is important and encouraged, the Lane Cove Council should be making the most of this space or making it a space that is so Instagram worthy that people will flock to Lane Cove to take a photo (and support our businesses).  Here are a few ideas.

    There is currently an art installation in The Canopy like the above. However, it is a static display, and the sign specifically states it is not to be climbed on (although a few kids might be ignoring this sign).

    What do you think?  How can we make the Lane Cove Plaza more attractive?  The Lane Cove Council did resolve to light up the Lane Cove Plaza, but nothing has happened on this front.

    Ryde City Council has done a great job of activating Victoria Road’s space near the Gladesville Public School (see below).


    How about a chandelier tree?

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