What Are Lane Cove Residents Reporting Via Snap Send Solve

Snap Send Solve, the leading community reporting app in Australia and New Zealand, has revealed its reporting and engagement insights for the Lane Cove local government area exclusively to In the Cove.

Snap Send Solve is a free app that empowers residents to lodge 1.5 million+ on the spot reports from illegal parking to dumped rubbish, overgrown vegetation and damaged telecommunication pit covers.

Data shows that Lane Cove is a highly engaged community — over 60 Snap Send Solve reports are lodged per 1,000 head of population in the Lane Cove area.

Danny Gorog, CEO of Snap Send Solve, said: “Engaged communities are invested in maintaining the liveability and safety of their neighbourhoods. Snap Send Solve partners with local councils across New South Wales to empower residents and assist maintenance teams solve community issues that need addressing.”

“It’s been great to see growth in Snap Send Solve use across New South Wales as a fast and convenient way to report community issues.”

Most Commonly Reported Issues

The most commonly reported Snap Send Solve issue in Lane Cove during 2020 was illegal parking. Almost 25% of all reports related to illegal parking, up 177% from 2019. Reports of dumped rubbish, accounting for 13% of all reports, grew most significantly, increasing 280% from 2019. Other key issues were noise and damaged pavements, which each represent around 10% of all reports.

Heat Map of Illegal Parking Reports

Snap Send Solve users rated Lane Cove Council highly in customer satisfaction scores when resolving graffiti (5.0) and dumped rubbish (4.3), well above the New South Wales average of 3.3 and 3.4, respectively.

“Snap Send Solve is a powerful, accurate and easy to use tool. Another reason it’s so important to report community issues is so authorities can understand and address any hotspots.”

Local resident, Sue, shows just how much Lane Cove locals care about their community: “I use Snap Send Solve to report dumped garbage, pavement tripping hazards, fallen branches, potholes, burst pipes, water leaks, damaged street furniture and plenty of abandoned trolleys!”

Another local resident, Maureen, agrees: “Snap Send Solve [is] easy and simple to use and it works every time. It’s a great app.”

You can download Snap Send Solve from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) or visit snapsendsolve.com.

Councils can get more information about partnering with Snap Send Solve by contacting Ruby Koop, Account Manager or visiting the website.