Lane Cove Council Neighbour Day Awards 2021

You know the song, everyone needs good neighbours.  On 19 May 2021, Lane Cove Council awarded their Neighbour Day Awards.  These awards recognise neighbours who make a difference in their street or Lane Cove Community.

Avalon Avenue

This year an award was given to all the residents living in Avalon Avenue Lane Cove.  Colin Wade-Ferrell accepted the award on behalf of the street. However, each resident will receive their own certificate of appreciation.

Last year, Lane Cove Council received an email from a local resident, Norma, who was looking to recognise and thank the residents in Avalon Avenue.

Avalon Avenue is a small street with only 12 homes.  However, they look out for each other. If someone is having a hard time they organise meal trains, take out their bins, and provide companionship.

But the neighbourly behaviour doesn’t stop with the adult residents; local teenagers are known to pop over and visit other residents who may need companionship.

Well done to Avalon Avenue.

Julie McKibbon

Julie has been described as the heart and soul of her neighbourhood with a knack for bringing everyone together.  Julie is also a volunteer with the Lane Cove Council Bushcare programme.

Julie arranges her street Christmas party and is the leading force behind other street activities.

During the COVID19 lockdown, she arranged a bear hunt for the local families with small kids.  Quite a selfless act as Julie’s kids are now all teenagers (and probably not into Bear Hunts).

If a neighbour is having a hard time, you can count on Julie.  Recently when her neighbour was recovering from knee surgery, Julie took her neighbours dog for a daily walk.

Julie lives in a battle-axe estate block, where there are some common areas, and she arranges and helps with the upkeep of those areas.

Tanya Duffy

Her Aqua Aerobics peers nominated Tanya.

During the COVID19 lockdown, Aqua Aerobics classes were cancelled.

Tanya had most of the class’s email addresses from organising previous functions, so she contacted the group and arranged for online zoom exercise classes.

She put together a schedule of classes and started promoting the classes.

The classes started slowly, but very quickly, interest in the classes grew, and so did attendances.  She very capably juggled IT issues  (we have all been there with Zoom) and updated the timetable to suit her classmates.

Not only did this help her classmates, but it also assisted the instructors who had lost their jobs. The instructions charged a nominal fee, so they had a small but steady income at a time when the work was simply not available.

But wait, there’s more; Tania then started organising online coffee mornings and online weekly evening drink get-togethers.

Many of her classmates said the weekly sessions were a lifesaver and helped with isolation issue arising from the lockdown.

After the lockdown, Tania organised an in-person farewell morning event for one of the instructions moving interstate.

Congratulations to the award recipients.

How Do I Nominate a Neighbour for an Award?

Each year the Lane Cove Council seeks nominations for the neighbourhood awards on their website.  Nominations usually close around March each year.  ITC also posts on our In the Cove Facebook site and in our Week in Review when nominations open – so keep an eye out for those posts.

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