Making Census of the Census – Why I love it!!

Tuesday, August 10 is Census Night.  The Census counts every person and household in Australia. It is a snapshot of who we are and how we are changing.

Census data is used to estimate Australia’s population, distribute government funds and plan services for communities right around Australia.

Every five years I look forward to this night. I make sure I am at home and ready to complete the form. While others complain about having to fill it out and lack of privacy, I embrace the fact that the Government wants to plan for the future. The Census is an important document. I was so excited to receive my login details today in the mail.

If you google “ I love the Census” you will be inundated with images from Canada where people had taken Census Selfies. In fact, Canada loved the Census so much they once crashed the official site for 45 minutes. I knew I like Canadians for a reason!!

I can’t wait to say to Mr ITC, Honey turn off the TV and let’s do the Census!!! It is a bonding moment that happens every five years.  We were so excited when we first included Miss ITC in the Census data.

Our Chief Statistician at the ABS explains why the Census is important:

For Manyyears, the Census has been the centre of the Australian story, fully and accurately recording our nation’s development while enabling fact-based debate and evidence based policy making.

The Census guides Government funding for essential services and infrastructure and is crucial in setting electoral boundaries, allocating Australian Government funding to states and territories, planning educational and health services and other infrastructure for local communities. The Census informs all levels of government, business, academia and media, and Australians who want to learn the characteristics of towns and cities before buying a home or considering a new job – among many other uses.

The ABS has a Twitter feed that is pumping out stats in a very unique and funny way. Here are some of my favourite tweets:

Happy #Spider-ManDay! Spider-Man first appeared in comics on this day in 1962!! Here are the number of Aussies working some of the same jobs that Peter Parker has had over the years….

“Yer a (41 year old) Wizard ‘arry” Happy Birthday! There are 338,012 people in Aus the same age as Harry Potter

Happy #InternationalDayofFriendship to our Bureau pals @BOM_au! You have a piece of our chart Did you know in the last Census, 680 people listed Meteorologist as their occupation?

Complete the Census Online

According to the Census website, all households should expect to receive instructions on how to complete the Census by early August 2021.

This year you can complete your Census as soon as you receive your instructions – if you know who will be home on Census night (and this year we will all be home on Census Night). This is different to past years when you had to fill in your form on Census night.

You can fill in your form online, on paper or with help from ABS.

Do I Have to Complete the Census Online?

You can order a paper form using our online service or call our 24-hour automated paper form request service in 1800 130 250. You will need your 16-digit Census number from your Census letter or paper form.

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