Lane Cove Local Artist Pamela Fairburn’s Colour Our World Message Tree – Colour Lane Cove

In the Cove wanted to cheer up our youngest residents, so we asked people to get on board and Colour Lane Cove.

All you need to do is put something colourful on your fence, in your garden, on your balcony or in your window, and then the kids of Lane Cove can mark them off on our checklist.  The checklist is available to download here.

Local Artist Pamela Fairburn has got involved and created The Colour Our World Message Tree in Longueville.  We asked her to tell us all about her colourful tree.

Tell Us Why You Created The Colour Our World Message Tree

My ‘Colour Our World Message Trees’ started last week when I was raking up the fallen leaves from our 2 Bauhinia street trees. I have always loved the leaves from these trees… their shape resembles butterflies, birds or hearts. At the end of winter, these trees lose their leaves before the pink/purple flowers appear on the bare branches.

With all the COVID19 news and hard lockdowns, I thought it would be nice to add some Colour into people’s lives. I have always been a Colour Person and am very influenced by Colour…. it can lift my spirits… what I wear, what I see and what colours I use in my artwork deeply affect me!


As I am an artist and exhibit much of my work, I thought that I could use and recycle some of my off-cut watercolour papers. I thought I would paint backgrounds in bright acrylic paints, cut out leaf shapes and let others write their messages of Hope or designs and drawings with crayons and pens. Then they could hang their special personal message leaves (fishing line already threaded through cardboard leaves) on the branches of our Bauhinia trees on our nature strip.

All safe distancing ….behind our low stone fence and providing hand sanitiser and wipes…..I also spray with Glen 20! I have also set my easel up in our garden to assemble a collage painting made from the offcuts!  When people are out exercising or walking to the shops, they can contribute a message.

I love to see the people, children and neighbours as I paint outdoors and talk to them about how we are all getting on! Last year during that Lockdown, I painted a mixed media series of collages paintings based on our tropical garden. Neighbours have become accustomed to me doing ‘arty stuff!’

I hope that this little bit of Community Colour brings a smile to all who walk down Woodford Street Longueville. There are about 90 message leaves so far… and if the rains stop soon, I’m sure there will be lots more!

Tell Us About Some of the Messages

Some of the messages: ‘Be Kind, Be Happy’, ‘Hang in there!’, ‘We Can do this together’, Everything Happens for a Reason’ ‘Thanks Docs & Nurses‘, I love my family’, ‘Stay Safe’ ‘ Spread Love not Covid’ ‘Friends & Neighbours Go Well & Go Safely’ ‘Thank you to teachers’ Peace Be With You’

Find Out More About Pamela Fairburn

In my career, I have been a watercolour and mixed media artist, tutor and art teacher in high schools and special education, as well as founding The Woodford Art Group where I taught and painted from my studio here in Longueville.

Before COVID19, I conducted Overseas Art Tours with my husband, Ross.

I intend to start art tours here in Australia and locally….. when the borders reopen.

I am a Life Member of Lane Cove Art Society (was President), and I am a Fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW.

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