Meet Gloria Perin from Perin Legal – Lane Cove Solicitor Specialising in Children’s Law, Criminal, Traffic and Family Law

Perin Legal is a boutique law practice specialising in Children’s Law, Criminal/Traffic Law and Family Law, with a focus on representing and defending children, young people, and families alike.

Conveniently located in Lane Cove, Perin Legal identified that a boutique legal practice specialising in defending young people and families was needed; particularly on the Lower North Shore.

Meet Gloria Perin

Perin Legal’s principal solicitor is Gloria Perin. 

Prior to entering the legal profession, Gloria Perin worked as a high school teacher with at-risk students and their families. This experience furnished Gloria with valuable insights into the complex home environments in which many children, young people and families co-exist.

Gloria came to understand and respect the difficulties and tensions families and young people face, which sometimes results in the breakdown of the family unit or necessitates the intervention of the Police.

Since Gloria’s admission, she has worked for a variety of private practices and government departments including the Public Defenders. Gloria has worked with highly respected lawyers such as Senior Legal Aid Solicitor and the Chief Public Defender, now His Honour Justice Mark Ierace SC. It was there that her passion for defence was solidified.

Gloria’s passion for defending and assisting the helpless is reflected by her private practice and her commitment to volunteer as duty solicitor with the City of Sydney Law Society.

Gloria is amongst a group of dedicated criminal lawyers who volunteer their professional time each month and give back to the broader community at the Downing Centre (which unfortunately has been suspended during the COVID19 lockdown)

Nothing enriches Gloria’s day more than assisting homeless and less able persons who walk into Court feeling defeated but leave resoundingly uplifted. From Gloria’s personal experiences, this cohort of persons cannot thank her and her colleagues enough for their legal support.

What Services Does Perin Legal Provide?

Children’s Law – Care & Protection and Defence

The Children’s Court of NSW is a special court that deals with cases involving children and young people.

  • The court has jurisdiction to hear and determine cases related to:
  • the care and protection of children and young people aged under 18 years
  • criminal offences involving people who were aged under 18 at the time of the alleged offence
  • traffic cases where the defendant is not old enough to hold a driver’s licence or permit
  • applications for Apprehended Violence Orders where the defendant is aged under 18
  • applications for Compulsory Schooling Orders where a child or young person has not been attending school
  • breaches of parole and the eligibility of children and young people for release on parole.

If your child is involved in a criminal matter, you need someone who knows the system and who will, whatever the situation, spare no effort in securing your child the best possible outcome.

Domestic Violence Applications – ADVO’s & APVO’s

In February, Gloria successfully defended AVO charges against a resident of a nursing home. Her successful representations to the Police, coupled with undeniable evidence, saw the matter dismissed from Court. The client and his daughter were spared from the rigours of a defended hearing and the associated costs for such a day.

Family Law (including Divorce Applications, Property & Parenting, Return of Children Orders)

Gloria has successfully represented Mothers, Fathers and Extended family members in Care and Protection and Family Law Matters.

Recently Gloria successfully acted for a parent in an Urgent Return of Child Order. Within a fortnight of the application having been filed at Court, the Child was safely back in the safe arms of its primary caring parent. Gloria represented the mother without the aid of a Barrister, unlike her opposition. In fact, Gloria is comfortable attends all Interim Hearings unless the circumstances of the case warrant otherwise. Gloria’s confidence rests in her immeasurable preparation for each matter.

Criminal Law & Appeals

Presently, Gloria is representing a client in an NSW correctional/detention facility regarding his criminal and family law matters. The client with an interesting criminal history is seeking to appeal his charges but is also fighting for the right to spend time with his child, a right that has been denied to him for over 12 months. Gloria is working feverishly to attain the best possible outcome within the scope of the legislation within each relevant jurisdiction.

Free Legal Case Assessment – Perin Legal

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Perin Legal Contact Details

Address:  Level 3, 71 Longueville Road, LANE COVE (by appointment)
Phone: 8901 5059
Email: [email protected]

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