Lane Cove Councillors’ Voting Records

The Lane Cove Council elections will be held on 4 December 2021.  The nomination period is still open.

Current Councillors

At this stage, the following sitting Councillors have nominated for re-election.

Scott Bennison – Liberal
David Brook-Horne – Liberal
Andrew Zbik – Labor

Councillors Voting Record

ITC followers have asked us to reveal how Councillors have voted on matters of public interest.

Bob Campbell Oval – 16 November 2020

At the 16th November 2020 meeting, it was resolved to adopt the Bob Campbell Oval Masterplan and to replace the natural turf oval with a synthetic turf oval.  Read More Here.

St Leonards South (aka East Greenwich) – Redevelopment

Developers acquired around 90 properties in St Leonards South with the hope that the area would be rezoned as higher density residential development.  Family homes were to be demolished, and over 2400 apartments in towers up to 19 storeys high were planned.    Developers could not proceed until Lane Cove Council rezoned the area and developed a St Leonards South Master Plan (“the Plan”).

The Independent Planning Commission  (“Planning Commission”) released a report stating that the Lane Cove Council’s Plan would result in overdevelopment. You can read the full report to Planning Minister Rob Stokes here.

The Planning Commission also found that no site rezoning is required to meet the Greater Sydney Commission’s current housing targets under its Northern District Plan. The housing targets are currently likely to be exceeded without the proposed delivery of a further 2,400 dwellings.  The dwelling numbers were reduced to 1900.

The Planning Commission also stated that there is the potential for a monolithic street wall effect along the east-west pedestrian walkways if the rezoning is to proceed.

The Lane Cove Council voted to continue with the St Leonards South Masterplan.  It was not a unanimous vote.

Councillor Andrew Zbik and Councillor Vissell tried to stop the Planning Proposal and submitted an amended notice of motion



266 Longueville Road – Loss of Green Space

Residents want the area to be green space, and 266 Longueville Road could be converted into a playground, badly needed Netball Courts or developed for other recreational purposes as it adjoins the Lane Cove Golf Club.   During the COVID19 lockdown, residents adjoining 266 Longueville Road have been used the green space for kids and teenagers to get out and about and play.   Lane Cove Council rezoned the land to operational, and a development application for a seniors/aged care facility has been approved.   Read More Here.


Note David Karpin was on the Lane Cove Council when this decision was made, and he has nominated to run again for the Lane Cove Council.

Kingsford Smith Oval – Installing Chiccanes

Last year, Lane Cove Council decided they would remove the gates at Kingsford Smith Oval and install three open chicanes.  This move was Lane Cove Council’s attempt to encourage dog owners to watch their dogs more closely.

This concept was decided without any form of consultation with the Oval’s users.

It was immediately apparent to the many and varied users of the park — exercisers, elderly walkers, locals with disabilities, numerous kids playing and kicking balls and young dog owners looking after their pets in a safely gated environment — that the Council action of opening the gates could lead to an accident.  The Oval is situated on three busy roads, and if a dog escapes from the oval and runs on the road, a child running after the dog may not be traffic aware.

After a meeting at Kingsford Smith Oval of nearly 100 park users and dog owners, a committed community group was formed — the Lane Cove Dog Lovers Association — and dialogue was sought with Council.

Councillor Brook-Horn and Scott Bennison moved a motion that gates be installed. Read More Here.



Climate Emergency

Council and the Lane Cove community recognise the potential impacts of our changing climate and, as a result, declared a climate emergency in 2019.


Climate Resilience Plan

At the August Lane Cove Council Meeting, the Lane Cove Council debated the adoption of a Climate Resilience Plan (CRP).

A Draft CRP was placed on public exhibited from 23 June to 4 August 2021; twenty-eight survey responses and two separate submissions were received. The responses were generally supportive, although the respondents requested more defined resilience targets and actions, while some do not support adopting any climate actions. Overall, 87% of responses supported the Draft CRP.

In building climate resilience, both mitigation and adaptation to a changing climate need to be addressed.

Climate mitigation is the ability to reduce the impacts of a changing climate, while adaptation involves ensuring infrastructure upgrades consider the changing climate, both privately and Council-owned assets. Furthermore, in response to the increased frequency of extreme events (storms, floods, bush fires), emergency management planning needs to be adapted and modified to ensure we can respond to these changes.

Lane Cove Traffic Management Plan and Installation of Lights at Tambourine Bay Road and Burns Bay Road

In September 2016, Lane Cove Council resolved to adopt a plan in principle that would remove the roundabout at Tambourine Bay Road and Burns Bay Road and Lights be installed.

Councillors Morris, Zbik and Vissel were not on the Council when this resolution was voted on.  David Karpin was on Council, and he has nominated for this year’s election.


Lane Cove Sports and Recreation Facility

All Councillors voted for a Development Application to be submitted for the redevelopment of the Lane Cove Golf Club.


Lane Cove Council Election Survey

The Lane Cove Council elections will be held this year. We want your feedback on what issues candidates should be talking about and also if you want us to hold a zoom candidates meeting. We held a forum last time, and it was packed, and residents got to ask some excellent questions.
Help us by filling out this survey, and you could go into the draw to win a $50 Lane Cove Gift Card.

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