Lane Cove Rats in the Roof

In the Cove has received several complaints about an increased number of rats around Lane Cove (we do mean the animal variety and not the humankind).

Rats don’t always hang around outdoor areas, they also like to come into your home.  We recently had to buy a new dishwasher as a rat ate through a cable (which can’t be fixed).  It was an expensive lesson to learn that we should have kept our rat pest control up to date.

Why Are There More Rats About?

Empty offices and restaurants in the CBD and North Sydney are forcing rats into the suburbs.  If you live near a school, you will also notice more rats, they no longer can feast on leftover lunches.

Rodents are usually more active at night and shelter and nest in places such as:

  • Rubbish heaps and woodpiles
  • Roof voids, wall cavities and sub-floor areas
  • Animal and Chicken Enclosures
  • Garages and Sheds (where you keep your rubbish bins)

Behind boxes and other articles in garages and sheds

You have rats if you see:

  • Items being gnawed (particularly in cupboards and under the sink)
  • Black Droppings about 12 – 18 mm long
  • Movement Sounds in the Roof

Local Pest Controller

Fix Pest Control, is a local Lane Cove based pest control business and rats are their speciality.

Fix Pest Control is operating as an essential service so don’t let those bumps and thumps in the roof carry on!

Support a local business and give Fix Pest Control a call today to discuss!

Fix Pest Contact Details

Phone Number: 0421 043 191

Email: [email protected]

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