Meet James Pilcher from Mileham – A Lane Cove Architect and Builder

If you have been sitting at home, looking at every nook and cranny (because, let’s face it, we have all had time to do that) and decided it is time for a renovation or a new build, then you will want to continue reading this article.

In The Cove has seen many renovations and knockdown rebuilds around Lane Cove, and one of the things that has struck us is how much longer a build seems to take when a construction company is used that has multiple builds on the go at the one time.  We were even told about one knockdown rebuild where the project manager was sacked, and the client was not informed about it for weeks.

You need someone on your side who will help you navigate the renovation/new build labyrinth.

This is where James Pilcher and his Mileham team can help you.

Mileham provides Architecture, Construction, and Property Development services, specialising in delivering an end-to-end customer and project experience.

Whether doing a renovation or a knockdown rebuild, having your project looked after from start to finish by the same team of professionals ensures knowledge is not lost between parties during the traditional project handover from design to build. This approach preserves value for your project, saving you time and money and maximising the successful outcome of your project.

About Mileham’s Founder James Pilcher

Mileham’s Principal and Founder, James Pilcher, is a Registered Architect and Licenced Builder. He brings a breadth of experience to your project with over 15 years in the industry.

James Pilcher Registered Architect and Licensed Builder

James has been passionate about architecture since he was a little boy. When he was 10, he did a school project on hotels. He went to every hotel in the CBD and asked for brochures “with floor plans please” and even asked the Concierge if he could “Please see the Suite”. As a part of this project, he designed his first hotel.

But being an architect was not enough for James; he then went on to train as a builder. James has building experience from the ground up – starting as a labourer and working “on the tools” for many years while training for his builder’s license, working on both commercial and residential (including some of his own) projects.

James lives with his family (3x kids, three and under, and a Labrador called Hoover) in Lane Cove North.  Being a Lane Cove local, he knows what works in Lane Cove and what does not.

A Mileham Project in Riverview

Mileham Won’t Design What You Can’t Afford

James has a very simple philosophy – We won’t design something you can’t afford.  ITC knows about this first hand.  A few years ago, we engaged a different architect to draw up some plans with a very strict budget.  The plans were amazing and would no doubt add value to our house.  However, once we had a quantity surveyor cost our the project, it became apparent that there was no way we could afford the renovations.

James adopts a holistic approach with each project. Mileham can do your design AND build and can manage each client’s project from the start through to the finish.

Managing a project is not just about ordering and arranging deliveries and doing site inspections.

It’s also about tackling any build challenges from a technical point of view as they arise, e.g. structural issues that might be identified once demolition commences (such as when you hit that Lane Cove sandstone).

A Mileham Project in Lane Cove North

Mileham’s Personal Approach

Mileham has a hands-on personal approach that leads to an ultimate end experience for the customer that is seamless, consistent, and considered. It allows the client to get on with their lives while their project is being completed.

Mileham has a strong appreciation for a classic aesthetic that works with both traditional and contemporary design, which has a timeless quality and uniquely adaptable to each client.

Mileham is not about trends, which ultimately date. They are about timeless design, which considers the environment in which the design exists.

Each design is unique to each client – they do not produce cookie-cutter design’s which look like “I’ve seen that before”.

Mileham is utterly devoted to its clients and is passionate about achieving their client’s design and lifestyle goals.

Client’s do not get sucked into a “factory” style arrangement. The relationship they have with their clients is deeply personal, private and respectful. James is always available for calls and site visits with his clients and to discuss design ideas and possibilities.

No Obligation 30 Minute Consultation

If you’re thinking about a major renovation or knockdown rebuild, please contact Mileham for a FREE,  no-obligation, 30-minute consultation with James. He will discuss your ideas and answer any questions you may have. Register for your consultation HERE

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A Mileham Project in Lane Cove North