What Can Be Done About the Penrose Street/Burns Bay Road/Centennial Avenue Gridlock

    About three years ago, on Centennial Avenue, you would have seen a large sign proclaiming the NSW Government has committed over $825 million to fixing pinch points across Sydney’s road network. The Pinch Point Program was introduced to reduce traffic delays, manage congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s major roads, particularly during weekday peak periods.  Roadworks at the Epping Road/Centennial Avenue Intersection were implemented.  A dedicated left-hand turn lane from Centennial Avenue to Epping road was needed but according to the RMS it saved 57 seconds on a typical commute.

    Lane Cove residents have consistently identified the Burns Bay Road/Penrose St Intersection as the intersection that delays a commute. This is an important intersection that provides a connection between two (2) major road corridors that run through the Lane Cove Local Government Area.

    When the State Government called for public comment on two initiatives aimed at improving commute times on Centennial Avenue (Clearways and changes to the Epping Road/Centennial Avenue Intersection) Lane Cove residents tried to tell RMS that the problem was the Burns Bay Road/Penrose Avenue Intersection.

    RMS ignored all feedback and their response was to prepare FAQ’s which makes it very clear that the RMS wanted standard clearway hours across the NSW road network and they will not look at “local issues“.

    Pre COVID19 ITC prepared a  video that shows the bottleneck leading up to the Penrose/Burns Bay Avenue Intersection.  Many commuters avoid Penrose street and travel along Buns Bay Road and turn near the Ambulance Station to head towards Hunters Hill.  This creates congestion at two points.

    Lane Cove Council’s Action on this Intersection

    The Lane Cove Council has tried to persuade the RMS to fund an upgrade at this intersection.  The main issue is the left turn from Penrose Street into Burns Bay Road whilst the through and right turn movements are minor. The current lane designation delays the left turn movement into Burns Bay Road causing congestion and increased travel times.

    The Lane Cove Council recommends upgrading the intersection by introducing an additional lane with dual left-turn lanes and one shared through and right turn lane.  These modifications would optimise the operation of the signals and improve the turning path for the left turn from Penrose Street into Burns Bay Road.  Currently there is only one left turn lane from Penrose Street into Burns Bay Road and during peak periods this road experiences extensive traffic congestion.

    At the May 2019 Lane Cove Council meeting, Lane Cove Council resolved to write to Transport for NSW requesting the allocation of funding for the upgrade of the Burns Bay Road / Penrose Street intersection under the NSW Government’s Pinch Point Program.  The Lane Cove Council also resolved to write to our local member, The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Member for Lane Cove, requesting his support.

    As far as ITC can ascertain this matter has not come back to Lane Cove Council for a further report.

    Transport for NSW Response

    An ITC reader has been chasing up Transport for NSW and Anthony Roberts office and they received the following response:

    “Transport for NSW is investigating improvements along the Burns Bay Road and Centennial Avenue corridor. Transport for NSW and Lane Cove Council have met to discuss a potential upgrade of the Burns Bay Road and Penrose Street intersection, acknowledging preliminary inquiries have found an upgrade would significantly impact private property and utilities. Transport for NSW will continue to work collaboratively with council to develop solutions.”

    This is interesting as ITC requested a comment from a spokesperson for Transport for NSW and we received this incredibly bland response:

    “Transport for NSW continually carries out investigations along key corridors such as Burns Bay Road, Centennial Avenue, and other major roads the in Lane Cove area in an effort to develop potential opportunities to improve customer journeys.

    Transport for NSW has invested in other upgrades in the area to ease congestion including installing a dedicated left turn lane at the Centennial Avenue and Epping Road intersection and a variable message sign near the Burns Bay Road and Centennial Avenue intersection.

    New and extended clearways have also been installed along Centennial Avenue and Burns Bay Road between Epping and Victoria roads.”

    If you would like improvements at this intersection then you can fill out a form here.

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