North Shore Police Concerned about High Number of Drink Driving Incidents Post Lockdown

    We are ready to come out of hibernation and to enjoy our local clubs, pubs and restaurants.  However, it appears that some of us have forgotten how many drinks we can consume before it is dangerous to drive.

    Officers from North Shore Police Area Command are appealing to the local community to plan ahead before heading out for dinner or to the pub, following another weekend that has seen a continuing trend in drink and drug driving and alcohol-related crashes on local roads since restrictions were eased around 5 weeks ago.

    Since Monday 11th October 2021, North Shore Police have charged 21 people with drink driving offences, more than half of these in the high or mid-range categories.

    A further three motorists will face court for driving while under the influence of drugs.

    While alcohol-related collisions during the period since lockdown ended have also seen a sharp increase with six occurring in the local area over the past five weeks.

    Detective Chief Inspector Simon Jones said “We want our community to enjoy the festive season with their loved ones however we have recently identified some worrying trends in driver behaviour. Police will be out in force day and night on roads across the lower north shore from now right through the holiday period with the aim of taking those who choose to risk the safety of others off the road.“

    Local Incidents

    The police have reported the following local incidents:

    High Range PCA – Mosman – St Leonards – Longueville

    Shortly after 9:30pm Sunday 31st October police were alerted to the actions of a driver on the Pacific Highway at St Leonards.
    A witness phoned police and advised that a silver Lexus was swerving across lanes having several near misses with other cars. The witness followed the vehicle continuing to alert police to its location until it finally reached William Edward Street, Longueville. Police arrived shortly after and breath tested the 33 year old female driver from Lane Cove. The driver returned a positive result, as such she was arrested and taken to Chatswood Police Station.
    At the station the woman stated she had consumed a number of Proseccos at a licensed premise in Mosman before attempting to drive home. The woman returned a breath analysis reading of 0.175 grams of alcohol in her breath, 3 and a half times the legal limit to drive. She was charged with high range drink driving and will face court later this month.



    Police were patrolling on 10 November and stopped a Toyota Hilux on the Pacific Highway around 9.25pm.   Checks on the driver revealed he held a Learner Licence and had no one in the car instructing him.

    The driver, a 31 year old Longueville man, was arrested when he failed a road side breath test and a breath analysis at Chatswood Police Station produced a result of 0.018.

    The man was charged with Learner Not accompanied, Novice Driver with Novice Range prescribed concentration of alcohol 2nd Offence and Learner not display L plates.  He is due to appear at Hornsby Court on 9 December.

    Crows Nest

    A 31 year old man from Burwood was arrested and charged on Friday for alleged traffic offences.  The man was first stopped by Police while driving a vehicle on Shirley Road around 4pm and issued with a Field Court Attendance Notice for Drive while licence application refused 2nd offence.

    Around 1 hour later the man was allegedly observed by Police to conduct an illegal U turn on River Road Northwood to avoid driving through an RBT site.

    The man was followed by Police  and stopped nearby where he was arrested and taken to Chatswood Police Station.  He was charged with Drive while licence application refused 2nd offence and Drive across dividing lines to do U-turn and is due to appear at Manly Court on 23 December.

    So have a Plan B and leave the car at home or nominate a designated driver.

    Immediate Suspension of Licence

    Since 20 May 2019, a driver who commits a low range drink driving offence, can have their driver’s licence immediately suspended by NSW Police.

    In the case of a first-time offence, a driver’s licence can be suspended for 3 months and an on-the-spot fine also issued.

    Prior to 2019, all drivers charged with drink driving on NSW roads were required to attend court to have their penalty determined. Drivers who were charged with a low range offence did not lose their licence immediately, and were able to continue to drive until their court date.

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