Make It at Home Gelato Kit – An Australian First from Gelato Time (a Lane Cove Business)

What do you do when your sales drop dramatically due to your customers being closed?  This is the dilemma that faced Domenico Lopresti when his business-to-business gelato business was hit hard by COVID19.  You pivot and create an Australian first!!  A Gelato Kit from Gelato Time where you can make Gelato/Sorbet at home in 30 minutes.  Gelato Time’s founder is Domenico Lopresti and he has a special offer for ITC readers (more below).



Referred to around the world as ‘Gelato Dom’, Domenico Lopresti is known for putting Gelato on the map down under. He is the former founder and joint-CEO of Gelatissimo, Australia’s first-ever gelato franchise that grew to 50+ gelaterias globally under his stewardship.

Domenico’s business experience was gained at the ‘school of hard knocks’, working part-time as a teenager in his father’s Gelateria in Sydney’s Crows Nest. He founded his first company at age 21, a wholesale business called Bravo Gelato that would later become the platform for Gelatissimo, the rest is history.

Dom lives in Lane Cove, and his test kitchen is based in Lane Cove West Business Park.

The Gelato Kit is what you need these school holidays to keep the kids entertained – and they get to eat what they make!!!!!

Best Gelato Ingredients

Some say Dom has Gelato running through his veins, and he made it his mission to develop Gelato and Sorbet mixes with the best Italian ingredients.

Gelato Time uses world-leading technology to bring the ingredients from Italy, including milk from the Northern Italian Alps and hazelnuts from the rolling hills of Piemonte, without any preservatives or nasty colours. Each flavour is perfectly balanced, made in Italy and then sent with love to Australia in a heat-treated long-life flavour pack locking in freshness and taste.

With a variety of packages available to purchase online, each pack includes an easy-to-use affordable gelato making machine, delicious flavour packs and different inclusions and ripples. Imagine fresh chocolate or hazelnut gelato swirling with Nutella fudge ripples and topped with crunchy roasted hazelnut inclusions; the combinations are endless, and the quality is exceptional.

The perfect time for gelato and sorbet is during the hot summer months and school holidays, Gelato Time offers the perfect gelato lover and entertainer gift.

Whether it’s a treat by the backyard pool or a delicious way to end a family barbecue or dinner party with friends, Gelato Time offers the opportunity to dazzle guests with seriously good Italian Gelato made with ease, following just a few simple steps.   You can even dazzle your guests by making the Gelato in front of them.  Get the kids do make it as part of school holiday fun.

Dom invited ITC to their test kitchen to see how Gelato is made in 30 minutes.



As a school holiday special you will receive 15% off any of their Gelato Time Packages – but you must use the code INTHECOVE at the checkout.

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