Timeline of the Blackman Park Sinkhole

In the Cove was first alerted to the Blackman Park Sinkhole on Wednesday 23rd February 2022.  Since that time the sinkhole has increased in the area.  Given the magnitude of the issue remediation costs look like they could be substantial.

The contractors at Blackman Park have told several ITC readers that they have stabilised the sinkhole but they cannot do any further work until the rain stops.

Initially, only the immediate area around the sinkhole was fenced off and people were still permitted to use the dog park.

As of today (2  March 2022), further fencing has been installed and visitors are no longer able to access the playground carpark end of the park as the carpark has been fenced off near the Puppy Tail Cafe.

A Lane Cove Spokesperson told ITC the following:

“The hole is due to a collapsed stormwater pit. It is approximately 10metres deep and has been stabilised and filled with ballast.
The following steps are difficult to start while it is still raining – the team are meeting again in the next 48 hours where there should be more information known about options which would inform any costs and timeframes (though it isn’t expected to be less than six weeks based on current information – this may change once more is known). “


We have been visiting Blackman Park regularly since the sinkhole appeared and documenting the sinkhole and action being taken to remediate the site.

Blackman Park Sinkhole 23 February 2022

Photo taken in AM
Photo Taken PM

Blackman Park Sinkhole 24 February 2022

Just after we took this photo, the contractors arrived to start to stabilise the hole.  We were told they needed to make it bigger so they could stabilise it with ballast.

The Video below needs the sound down low as just as we were recording – the bike path was being cleared of leaves and rubbish with a leaf blower.

Blackman Park Sinkhole 25 February 2022

Blackman Park Sinkhole 28 February 2022

Blackman Park Sinkhole 1 March 2022

Blackman Park Sinkhole 2 March 2022

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