Meet Local Leanne Johnstone – Mortgage Choice Lane Cove

The golden rule of property buying is never start looking for a place to buy without having a firm budget in mind and, in principle, finances approved.

How do you go about finding the right finance?   It’s not just about the interest rate; you need to look at all the conditions and associated fees and if there are any rebates. A mortgage broker can assist you in working out which bank or financial institution has the best deal for you.  It will certainly save you time and legwork.

Obtaining finance is not a quick process. When you’re a first home buyer, it can be quite daunting.  It’s daunting for any person buying and selling a property as financial instructions change their requirements all the time.  You also might fall within a category where it’s traditionally difficult to obtain a loan, for example, being self-employed or a contractor.

This is where you need someone like Leanne Johnstone from Mortgage Choice on your side.  Leanne is a Lane Cove local and has been a Mortgage Choice franchisee for over 20 years.

Leanne Johnstone Lane Cove Mortgage Choice Franchisee/Owner

Many Lane Cove locals have pursued their dreams of purchasing a first home, a larger home, or an investment property with Leanne Johnstone’s assistance.

Leanne’s background is different to most Mortgage Brokers.  She started her career as an accountant (which is why she is so good with numbers), then moved on to a career in human resources before studying to become a mortgage broker and finally a Mortgage Choice franchisee.  Having this varied career means Leanne can put her many skills to use when helping you through the finance journey.

Leanne’s not afraid to work hard and get the best deals for her clients.  You will find Leanne in her office six days a week.  She ensures she works with a client from start to finish.

It helps that she is backed up by a team that is as passionate as she is, and that is why she prides herself on providing you with a seamless service.   This hard work has paid off with Leanne being included in the Top 100 brokers nationally in 2021 by Mortgage Professionals Australia – to be on this list; you need to have written quite a few loans!!

Most of Leanne’s business is generated by word-of-mouth referrals or clients looking to upgrade or downsize. She also arranges loan top-ups and refinancing – which is particularly helpful when looking to renovate or purchase a new car.

Leanne told ITC that she loves her job as she knows she gives a value-added service to all her clients:

“I’m able to negotiate special rates with many lenders and save clients thousands and often access rebates available. I can quickly advise of great options.”

Leanne Receiving Flowers From a Client

Multi-Award Winning Mortgage Broker

Leanne is also a multi-award-winning mortgage broker.  Including

🏅 Women in Finance Awards 2020 Finalist
🏅Winner 2019 Mortgage Choice National Single Operator of the Year
🥇Winner 2019 Mortgage Choice High-Performance Award
🏅 Winner 2019 Mortgage Choice NSW Single Operator of the Year

Appointments are Easy to Make

The Lane Cove Mortgage Choice office is conveniently located in The Village Shopping Centre, Lane Cove (opposite Nibu Café).

Leanne makes it as easy as possible for you to make an appointment with her.  You can meet her at her office, or she can arrange a zoom session.  She has noticed that one of the benefits of moving to Zoom sessions is that couples/partners don’t have to find the time in their busy schedules to both be available for an appointment.  She regularly has Zoom appointments where one person could be at work in the city while the other person is working from home.

Locals Supporting Locals

When Leanne is not working, she can often be seen walking around Leafy Lane Cove with her two dogs (one is a golden retriever – just like Mr Doggy ITC), and she regularly bumps into clients on her walks.  She is also a member of the North Shore Rowing Club (their clubhouse is at Aquatic Park Longueville).

We caught up with Leanne when she was having a coffee at Nibu.  Leanne truly believes in locals supporting locals – Hairsuite, her hairdresser, is located just across from her office. She is a member of Soulful Fitness, also located in The Village Shopping Centre.

If you are looking to purchase a home, make a Mortgage Choice appointment asap.  As her clients regularly tell Leanne, it is easier to deal with one person rather than several different financial institutions.

ITC caught up with Leanne at Nibu Cafe for a coffee and chat – her office is right across from Nibu Cafe

Mortgage Choice Lane Cove Contact Details

Address: Shop 15, 43-45 Burns Bay Road (The Village Shopping Centre)
Phone: 02 9639 6000
Mobile: 0422 222 975
This is a sponsored post – Mortgage Choice is an ITC Business Supporter.