Drawn by Stones and Looking for Home Gallery Lane Cove Exhibitions Closing Soon

    If you’ve never been to Gallery Lane Cove (located across from the Library), you should pop in and see one of their latest exhibitions.  Entry is free.

    Drawn By Stones – 6 April to 14 May 2022

    Drawn by Stones brings together artists who utilise the ceramic medium to interrogate contested histories, stolen land, Indigenous sovereignty, and national identity.

    Exhibiting artists from Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan investigate ‘nationhood’ and ownership through ceramics and demonstrate how the ceramic form can memorialise and tell alternative histories.

    Drawn by Stones takes its title from Marvin Bell’s 1984 Poem Drawn by Stones, by Earth, by Things That Have Been In the Fire.  The exhibition recognises that the foundations of ceramic practice lie in the earth.

    Drawn by Stones is curated by Bridie Moran with Assistant Curator Annette An-Jen Liu as part of the Curatorial Assistant Program mentorship (2020-2021) at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

    Bridie Moran says, “Drawn By Stones is a “ceramic exhibition” but what connects these artists’ work is their engagement with the base material of ceramics – clay.  Drawn for the land, clay material has meaning beyond simply shaping objects; for the artists, in Drawn by Stones, clay symbolises country, home, nationhood and a means of exchange.”

    Within the exhibition, ochre and local clays from indigenous lands across Australia, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, ranging from rich powdered red and oranges to malleable whites, browns and grey, are the means through which Dean Cross, Ray Chan, Ruth Ju-Shih Li, Wen-Hsi Harman and Jody Rallah shape contemporary stories grounded in knowledge.

    Wen-Hsi Harman, Theory of land (detail), from Land Series, 2015. Photo by Christian Capurro

    Exhibition Details

    Artists: Dean Cross. Ray Chan See Kwong with Chuen Lung community members, Ruth Ju-shih Li, Wen-Hsi Harman with Lakaw, Dogin, Palos, Lisin, and Byimu Jody Rallah

    Dates: 6 April –  14 May 2022

    Opening Night: Wednesday 6 April, 6-8 pm. All welcome to RSVP here

    Our Cover Photo is New re New by Ray Chan See Kwong

    Drawn by stones is a touring project initiated and presented by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. The exhibition and associated programming are supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW, with development support for this exhibition provided by the Ministry of Culture Taiwan and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sydney,  and The Gordon Darling Foundation.

    Longing for Home – Pamela Leung 6 April to 14 May 2022

    This exhibition is the culmination of the artist’s long-term residency at Gallery Lane Cove. With installation, video, sound, sculpture and painting, the artist explores the idea of ‘home’ from an immigrant perspective.

    It expresses melancholia, nostalgia and longing, heightened by distance, time and space, and when returning ‘home’ is no longer possible.

    Photo supplied by Pamela Leung

    Exhibition Details

    Artists: Dean Cross. Ray Chan See Kwong with Chuen Lung community members, Ruth Ju-shih Li, Wen-Hsi Harman with Lakaw, Dogin, Palos, Lisin, and Byimu Jody Rallah

    Dates: 6 April –  14 May 2022

    Opening Night: Wednesday 6 April, 6-8 pm. All welcome to RSVP here

    Guest Speaker: Cassandra Hard-Lawrie, Curator & Visual Arts Coordinator
    Willoughby City Council

    Chats Accountants proudly sponsor longing for Home.

    Enrol in an Art Class or Workshop – Gallery Lane Cove

    Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios is located in the building directly across from the Lane Cove Library.  Melbourne might have the Paris End of Collins Street, but Lane Cove has the Cultural Precinct in Longueville Road (Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios,  Lane Cove Library and the Living and Learning Centre all located on Longueville Road).

    Gallery Lane Cove provides the whole community with opportunities to attend art workshops and term classes in printmaking (including screen printing), sewing, jewellery making, knitting, life drawing, painting and pottery.  ITC is especially excited about going to pottery/ceramic classes (ITC became obsessed with pottery after watching the Great British Pottery Throwdown – like MasterChef for potters).

    If you would like to know the courses coming up and be notified when there is a new course Email Gallery Lane Cove and put 2022 Workshops in the subject line.  They will then get back to you and let you know what is coming up.  Find out more here.

    Buy Mum a Gallery Lane Cove Workshop for Mother’s Day

    Address:  164 Longueville Road NSW (opposite the Library)
    Phone: 9428 4898
    Booking Info School Holidays:  Gallery Lane Cove
    Website: www.gallerylanecove.com.au
    Email:  [email protected]
    Facebook: @gallerylanecove

    Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Saturday and 10.00 to 2.30 pm

    Gallery Lane Cove and In the Cove are community partners – Gallery Lane Cove is a not for profit organisation, and we offer a discounted ITC Business Supporter package to them – this article is part of that arrangement.

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