The ‘Great Resignation’ – What It Could Mean For You?

North Shore Local Caroline Donohue is the founder of Be Better Coaching, and she wants to work with you to drive change in your career, so you feel in control and motivated.

You may have noticed “Great Resignation” being discussed in the media. Caroline is an ITC Business Supporter and a career coaching consultant, and below, she discusses how she can help you navigate the Great Resignation debate. Take it away, Caroline…

Be Better Coaching – How Do We Work With You?

In my career coaching consultancy, I have worked with hundreds of clients who often feel unfulfilled by work and are keen for a change in their role, organisation, salary level, or career pathway.

Change keeps us all learning, growing, and feeling invigorated and is much needed after the last two years.

Coaching is vital if you’re feeling stale, unmotivated, and disengaged. Change looks different for everyone, and it’s ok if you don’t quite know what you want.

Be Better Coaching looks at the following to see how we can assist you with change.

Your future definition of success

Many clients feel they should be achieving more – a higher salary, better title, bigger team or business. BUT, when we dig into their future definition of success (if everything is perfect in two years, what can you see?), it’s generally not these areas they list.

Things like work/life balance, fulfilment and purpose, helping others, working around like-minded people, a positive culture etc., are often how they define future success.

Are you evaluating your work situation with an out-of-date view of what ‘success’ is, from when you were younger, that now needs reviewing?

When you were last in ‘flow.’

‘In Flow’ is when you were the last firing on all cylinders at work, playing to your strengths, engrossed and passionate about your career, and feeling highly motivated with a sense of achievement.

We discuss the environment you were in, the people you were around, the culture, what you were good at, and why you were enjoying yourself. Examining your career history allows us to identify the missing elements today. Which of your values is not currently being met at work?

Your unique strengths and capabilities

Everyone is replaceable when it comes to skill sets, but no one else will do a job in quite the same way as you.

We investigate your unique talents and personal characteristics that make the difference – this is your competitive advantage.

We discuss how being good at something does not mean you love doing it. We investigate where passions and strengths intersect. What is your elevator pitch? What do you bring to the table?

How you might be getting in your way

This discussion, whilst sometimes confronting, is the starting point to moving forwards.

We discuss obstacles (real and in your mind) and the steps to removing them so you can get what you want and deserve.

We dive deep into self-limiting beliefs and then map out a practical action plan to drive you forward. You will find momentum, confidence and motivation increase dramatically. How do you talk to yourself about what is possible for you?

What Do You Walk Away With?

You walk away with:

  1. What ideal looks like for your future (goals)
  2. What environment and culture do you thrive in
  3. The ability to clearly articulate your strengths
  4. A mindset shift that allows you to reach your potential
  5. An actionable plan with small manageable steps (incl. resume support if req.)

No Obligation Discovery Call

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Caroline Donohue is highly qualified and experienced as a coach; she has climbed the corporate ladder, returned to work after a career break, and executed a career change herself – Caroline is the expert you need. What have you got to lose? Time . . .


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As featured in the Australian Business Journal’s Article – The 10 Career Coaches To Watch in 2021