What Do You Do When You are Facing a Licence Suspension But Need Your Licence For Work?

Gloria Perin is the founder of Perin Legal.  As a Criminal/Traffic and Family Lawyer, Gloria is often asked about the suspension of licences particularly for Red P-platers. It’s a complicated area and Gloria Perin can help navigate this process.

The value of a licence

The Court regularly states to people who appear before it, “having a licence is a privilege and not an entitlement”.

The utility of a licence is never really appreciated until it is lost.

All drivers value their licence but I suggest none more so than young drivers who are provided with their ticket to “freedom”. A licence provides them with independence rather than being reliant on public transport which is more often than not unreliable and or a family member’s lift. A licence provides young people with perhaps their entry into financial independence through part-time or full-time work.

Therefore, the suspension of a licence for provisional licence holders becomes an acutely critical issue. Once suspended, the young person is once again faced to become public transport or family dependent.

Sometimes as the case story below identifies, apprentice “tradies” often find themselves working in areas where public transport is not as available, making it virtually impossible to lug equipment. The burden often then returns to a parent/family member or friend. Additionally, a financial penalty accompanies the suspension period, burdening the young person further.

Below is Sam’s story (not his real name).

Sam’s Story

Sam is a 19-year old apprentice.

Sam is a Red P-plater who had adverse entries on his traffic record, despite possessing his driver’s licence for a relatively short period of time.

Sam was detected driving at a speed of 121 km/h in a 90 zone (31 km/h over the speed limit) and was issued with an on-the-spot police suspension for a period of 3 months and a
fine. Sam paid the fine and served the time off the road.

After 3 months, the RMS issued Sam with a notice of suspension for the offence of exceeding a speed limit greater than 30 km/h for an additional 3 months to continue from the police suspension.

To continue working, Sam required a family member to transport him to his various job sites to ensure the continuity of his apprenticeship and employment.

I advised Sam that he should consider the following:

  • Complete a Traffic Offenders Program
  • Write an apology letter addressed to the Court
  • Obtain character references from community members
  • Obtain a letter from his employer outlining his need for a licence for work.

Sam completed the Traffic Offenders Program and obtained the above material.

The Court was provided with the material along with my written and verbal court submissions requesting the decision of the RMS to suspend Sam’s licence be set aside.

His Honour was persuaded by the material before him and set aside the RMA suspension, meaning he did not have to spend any further time off the road, and he was free to have his licence reinstated. The financial penalty was not appealed.

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