North Sydney Candidates 21 May 2022 Federal Election

ITC followers asked ITC to put together a list of candidates and what they stood for.  We wrote to each candidate and asked them the same questions.  They are listed below in the order that we received their response to our questions.

Their responses have not been edited (so for once any typos and mistakes are not ITC’s fat fingers).

There are 10 candidates for the North Sydney Electorate.  The only two candidates who have not responded to us are Dajen Tinkler (Liberal Democrats) and Michael Walls (One Nation) – who is not even listed on the One Nation website (the ABC recently ran a story about One Nation having invisible candidates – read the story here).

Pre Polling starts on 9 May 2022 and you can find out where to pre-poll here.

Meet the Candidates

Victor Kline – TNL


Why Did You Decide to Run in this Election?

I saw the wonderful country I grew up in under threat. No action on climate change, the most corrupt government since the Rum Rebellion, my children unable to afford to buy a house, 3.2 million people below the poverty line, and our once world class health and education systems sliding every year. I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing about it any longer.

What do you think are the five biggest issues in the North Sydney Electorate?

North Sydney, shares with every part of Australia and every part of the world, climate change as the number one issue of concern.

North Sydney also shares with the rest of Australia, the debilitating impact of corruption within the federal government, and the total neglect of small and medium-size businesses by this government. Specifically, local issues include a near desperate shortage of public high schools and an ill-thought out northern beaches tunnel program,

How can you assist in providing more sporting facilities to Lane Cove?

Something which was once taken for granted in this country was properly funded local sporting facilities. But that, along with everything else for the ordinary person is being allowed to degenerate. I would be pushing for federal funding, not just for netball and basketball courts, but across the board. As a cricketer, I am acutely aware of some very poor facilities available for that sport.

How will you help small businesses in North Sydney?

One of TNL’s central policy platforms is the need for massive investment in small and medium size business, and the removal of debilitating red tape, together with tax relief at least as good as that offered to the large multinational corporations. Our economic advisors tell us it is now next to impossible for good entrepreneurs at the small business level to make the step to medium size operations, and for medium to move to large. Business owners are being punished for their entrepreneurial success. We will turn this around.

What is your favourite place to visit in Lane Cove?
I love being in the Plaza on a sunny Saturday morning. The design of the place just seems to encourage community engagement. It is as close as we get to the European Town Square.
Describe Lane Cove in three words
Friendly, Family, Intelligent
 Snag or Cake Stall on Election Day – which one do you buy first?

Definitely snag

Robert Nalbadian – United Australia Party


Why Did You Decide to Run in this Election?

I felt called by God, and I do not want to see Australia destroyed.

What do you think are the five biggest issues in the North Sydney Electorate?

  • Lack of representation for Christians
  • Lack of support for business (the Liberals destroyed business, so many for lease signs)
  • Mortgage stress, 2nd most affected areas after Western Sydney areas
  • Trillion dollar debt
  • Rising cash rate

How can you assist in providing more sporting facilities to Lane Cove – applying for grants etc (in particular more netball courts and basketball courts)?

​I would look at each case as an individual and consider all sides

How will you help small businesses in North Sydney (and in particular Lane Cove)?

​Keep them open, visit and use them, and keep government influence to a minimum in business.

What is your favourite place to visit in Lane Cove?

Tough one, but has to be Any Time Fitness gym

Describe Lane Cove in three words

​Convenient, diverse, home.

Snag or Cake Stall on Election Day – which one do you buy first?

That’s not a fair question, snag.

Why did you decide to run in this election?

I have lived in this electorate for a long time and this is where my husband and I have raised our three children. I love our green spaces, our wonderful schools, our enterprising small businesses, and our access to the best healthcare in the country. But we have been overlooked and taken for granted for a long time.

Last year, as I watched the current government fumble the Covid response and completely drop the ball on climate action, I realised that I could no longer sit on the sidelines while everything I care about is at risk.

I am a lawyer and a Professor of Law and I have skills that can help us get back on track. I know how parliament works and how laws operate – or should operate – to improve the lives of ordinary people.

In short, I am standing for office to give the voters of Lane Cove – and North Sydney – the chance to elect a representative who will really act on the issues they care about. The residents of Lane Cove have told me they want action on climate change, on housing affordability, on cheaper childcare, on an aged care system that treats older Australians with respect, on integrity in federal politics. They want Australia to manufacture things itself again and they want a tertiary system that trains Australians in the skills needed for a strong future. These are the issues that I want to work on in parliament as the representative for North Sydney.

What do you think are the 5 biggest issues in the North Sydney electorate?

  • The cost of childcare is one of the biggest issue raised to me by young families in North Sydney. Under Scott Morrison’s government, childcare costs have risen twice as much as wages. 100,000 Australian families are unable to enrol their children in childcare because it is simply too expensive. This not only directly affects household’s budgets, but it also suppresses women’s labour force participation as they face an increased cost of going to work rather than remaining in family and caring roles. The Coalition announced a new policy to make childcare more affordable by giving parents greater subsidy payments for every subsequent child after their first child enters childcare. This does not go far enough. Thousands of families with only one child in childcare will be left out. Labor’s childcare policy will benefit 4 times as many families as Morrison’s policy. We want to reduce fees for 96% of Australian families. We will also scrap the childcare subsidy cap that results in women losing money if they take on an extra day of work.
  • Loss of green spaces! North Sydney’s green spaces are undeniably beautiful and are the pride of the community. It is heartbreaking to see our tree canopy dwindling (we have lost around one in five trees since 2008 in the North Sydney Council area alone). Not all of the electorate is as lucky as Lane Cove, with its incredibly lush canopy. All of North Sydney should be able to enjoy a similar environment.
  • The loss of trust in our politicians. Political disillusionment is at an all-time high under the Morrison government. I have spoken to so many members of our community who despair at the state of our democracy. Scott Morrison seems to have taken a leaf out of Trump’s playbook and is allergic to accountability, to integrity and to truth. We must restore faith in our democracy. Without the trust of Australians, the legitimacy of our elected representatives is undermined, and the social contract between constituents and the state is eroded. What motivates my actions as a candidate and shapes my political values is a firm commitment to bolstering our democratic institutions and to restoring faith in the political system. Having done human rights work in Myanmar, I know how crucial it is to safeguard our democracy and to hold the political class to account. This is why I am so proud of Labor’s commitment to deliver a National Anti-Corruption Commission.
  • Climate change. I believe that our Parliament has a moral obligation to urgently address climate change. We are seeing the effects of climate change now, with the Black Summer bushfires and the recent floods devastating both our environment and Australian communities. Labor’s plan to achieve a 43% reduction on 2005 emissions has been independently modelled and will create 604,000 jobs, with 5 out of 6 of them in the regions.  It will spur $76 billion of investment and cut power bills for families and businesses by $275 a year.
  • The aged care crisis. As a human rights professor, I have seen human rights violations first-hand, and I will not stand by and see older Australians suffer any longer in a woefully inadequate aged care system. Older Australians helped build this country. They worked hard, paid their taxes, and raised their families. But many of them are left in a system where they are subjected to physical and sexual abuse; where they are denied free movement and the ability to make decisions; where they are left with seriously substandard care that leaves them in pain, poor health and sometimes death. As many as 68% of our older Australians are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. The Royal Commission into Aged Care called this situation “a disgrace” and “a source of national shame.” In 2021, 26,000 older Australians died waiting for their approved home care packages. The aged care workforce were left unprotected during COVID-19. All of this happened on the Morrison government’s watch. He cannot be trusted to respond to the crisis.

How can you assist in providing more sporting facilities in Lane Cove- applying for grants etc (in particular more netball and basketball courts)?

Local sporting facilities are the backbone of our community, and a key priority for me if elected would be to work alongside State and Council representatives to both advocate for grants for new community infrastructure projects, and to support existing facilities.

I am aware of the efforts of local councillors in Lane Cove to meet with sporting groups and consider proposals for new indoor and outdoor facilities. As the member for North Sydney, I would throw my support behind that incredible initiative, and always be open to meeting with members of our sporting community.

My kids have all played soccer for local teams, and rugby, and basketball, and netball (yes, lots of time on the sidelines, managing while my husband coached!). I know the part sport plays in bringing communities together and protecting our health – physical and mental. There is a lot of work that can be done in this space – an I am prepared to do it.

How will you help small businesses in North Sydney?

I understand how precarious and stressful running a small business can be, especially in times like these. This is why Labor will legislate to guarantee support to small businesses in times of crisis. Labor will also save Australian businesses a staggering $804 million every year by cutting merchant fees. Labor has further pledged to reduce the administrative burden faced by owners of small businesses. If elected, Labor will cut red tape and reduce time that small businesses spend on paperwork and taxes.

Our promises to small businesses stand in stark contrast to the policies of Scott Morrison’s candidate, Trent Zimmerman. The pandemic is far from over, and our small businesses are still struggling to get back on their feet. Despite this, Morrison and Zimmerman have removed financial support for small businesses. From the conversations I have had in the community, the feeling of disappointment in the government is palpable.

What is your favourite place in North Sydney (and in particular Lane Cove)?

It’s so tricky to pick just one! Narrowing it down to just Lane Cove places, I have to go with the beautiful Cunninghams Reach, or the Epping Road bike path. I cycle a lot!

Describe Lane Cove in 3 words: 

Leafy, welcoming, and family-oriented

Snag or cake stall on Election Day- which one do you buy first? 

Well it wouldn’t be an election without a democracy sausage!

Kylea Tink – Independent


Why Did You Decide to Run in this Election?

I’m running as North Sydney’s Independent in the next federal election because our community’s true voice deserves to be heard in Canberra and our federal electoral vote should and can be counting towards driving the changes we want to see in our country.

For over 35 years I’ve worked in, built and run businesses: both commercial or not for profit – and frequently I have seen what a group of people united behind a common belief can achieve. From the building of the McGrath Foundation and the Sydney Pink Test, through to the freeing of 766 children from immigration centres in the Australia – the thing I do best is bring people from right across a community together to drive change.

I believe this next election is a critical one, perhaps the most important in our lifetime. We don’t have another three years to further delay action on the important issues that will shape the future we are leaving for our kids and their kids.  As a mum of three teenagers, when a community group asked if I would run, I knew it was exactly the right thing to do to:

  • drive the change we need to see such as faster action on climate
  • establish a Federal Integrity Committee
  • regear our economy to ensure it is forward focused (rather than tied inextricably to old technology and habit)
  • address the systemic issues of inequality that run rife through our nation.

 What do you think are the five biggest issues in the North Sydney Electorate?

Climate action: we want our Federal Government to take urgent action that is led by facts, not politics, and as an electorate with one of the highest concentrations of rooftop solar in the country we are unique placed to both benefit from, and inspire others to achieve, a faster transition to 100% renewable and sustainable energy sources.

The overall low level of trust in politics: made worse by the broken promise of a Federal Integrity Commission, pork barrelling and the wasteful spending of this past Government.

Support for small businesses: COVID has disrupted many businesses, and will require them to continue to adapt as people settle into new post-pandemic routines.

Australia’s treatment of women, asylum seekers and First Nations Australians: we are appalled by stories of sexual harassment in politics; we are embarrassed by our inhumane treatment of refugees; and we want action on the Uluru Statement of the Heart, towards a reconciled Australia.

Air quality across our electorate and the need to protect our green spaces:  the 4kms from the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge through to Artarmon is the most congested road in the country.  That’s why as North Sydney’s Independent, I will fight for vehicle and fuel emission standards to be legislated as quickly as possible and for the protection of our green corridors through the advocacy of regenerative development.

How can you assist in providing more sporting facilities to Lane Cove – applying for grants etc (in particular more netball courts and basketball courts)?

Having met a number of people and sporting clubs/associations right around our electorate, there is no doubt that there is a definite need to increase both the number and quality of the facilities we have access to as a community.

As our Federal Member, I will do two things:

  • Commit to working with local councils, state government, associations/clubs and the federal funding system to ensure the fair and equitable receipt and distribution of funding across our electorate.
  • Work with others in the House of Representatives to stamp out “pork barrelling” and ensure public money is allocated via a transparent and robust grants process that makes it clear what we must do to achieve the financial support from the federal government that we require.


How will you help small businesses in North Sydney (and in particular Lane Cove)?

Last summer, my team pulled together the #ShopNorthSydneyLocal campaign. We spoke with local businesses, profiled their owners and offerings, and encouraged people to look locally for their gifts over the festive season.

I’ve spoken with so many local business owners throughout my federal election campaign, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addressing the challenges we face. What I can promise is that as North Sydney’s representative in Canberra, I will work for my community. I will continue to actively solicit the advice and feedback of small businesses across the electorate, and I will take your ambitions and your concerns with me to Canberra where they will inform my position on federal issues.

I also believe strongly in working productively with others, and as an Independent, I would work with federal, state and local politicians across the political spectrum to achieve the best possible outcome for our community.

What is your favourite place to visit in Lane Cove?

Blackmans Park has always been a family favourite. There’s lots of space for families to hang out and my dogs, Bailey and PJ, love the dog park! More recently, we’ve been big fans of The Canopy. It’s a great venue for performances, and we’re spoiled for choice with the amazing restaurants and cafes.

Describe Lane Cove in three words

Vibrant, Family-friendly, Community-centred.

Snag or Cake Stall on Election Day – which one do you buy first?

I’m thinking it will depend on the time of day as I intend to visit as many polling booths as possible on election day. But – I always find it hard to walk past a piece of chocolate cake if it is on offer and, while I don’t usually eat much meat, it’s hard to resist a Democracy Sausage on Election Day!

Lesley Kinney – Informed Medical Options Party

Why Did You Decide to Run in this Election? 

Curtailment of freedoms and choices

I am outraged at the current government overreach curtailing rights and freedoms, particularly regarding bodily autonomy.

Forced or coerced medical procedures

Thorough outrage at seeing medical procedures forced on the population. I am passionate about the individual’s right to choose what affects them physically and their right to freedom and privacy. Freedom of choice is key in democracy.

The right of the individual or parent to choose what medical or other procedures are administered.

I am outraged at children being removed from parents who resisted state sanctioned medical interventions such as chemotherapy and procedures such as vaccines.

Suppression of expert scientific and medical research that goes against established opinion. This applies to mandated vaccines and other procedures such as insertion of microchips, the impact of 5G and fluoridation of the water supply. I would like to see accountability for the current mandates and full disclosure of the impact that lockdowns, mask mandates and inoculations have had on the population. Freedom of speech is key in democracy.

The unchecked rollout of 5G infrastructure and impact on health, privacy and freedom

I was Vice President of No5G Inc from its inception and have spent the last four years researching, not only the physical effects of EMF radiation, but also the subsequent far reaching issues of mass surveillance, loss of privacy and freedom as well as the impact on animals and ecosystems. It is the 5G rollout that enables such draconian measures as the QR codes, vaccine passports, monitoring individual movements and actions, social credit systems that control money and obliterate privacy. I was seriously affected by  EMF radiation.

I would like to see an end to censorship of the studies on 4 and 5G and full transparency regarding who really benefits from the rollout of 5G. Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

What do you think are the five biggest issues in the North Sydney Electorate?

Mask and needle mandates have been crippling business and social interaction. Mask and needle mandates need to be dropped from medical centres, aged care facilities and hospitals. This is a major deterrent for people having regular health checks and undergoing surgical procedures. Certainly the new threat of being injected while unconscious will put many people off. Royal North Shore hospital is arguably the best in Sydney, Even a psychologist is not able to have online consultations without having the injection. This is unacceptable in a world where suicide rates in all age groups have escalated.

In particular, I would also like to see a lifting of mask and jab mandates for friends and relatives visiting the sick and dying in hospitals and aged care. This has impacted many of the people I know in the area.  It is inhumane and must stop. Masks are also a deterrent from people using public transport -this  encourages people to use their cars which clogs roads and parking stations and creates unnecessary pollution.

The rollout of 5G must be halted until such time as existing health studies are acknowledged and further studies undertaken. As well, the related implications on privacy , control, surveillance, facial recognition, ID and vaccine passports, digitization and control of money and landownership and the internet of bodies need full public consultation before any further infrastructure is rolled out.

Banks and ATM’s need to be kept open. People, particularly the elderly and disabled, need to be able to access and deposit cash. At the moment there are no banks in St Leonards and only one free atm It costs $2.50 per transaction at the pub and $2.80 at the main mall. Cash needs to be kept in circulation to stop government overreach in controlling people’s access to funds as it does with the introduction of a social credit system, which can be enabled  by  the rollout of of 5G .

Pressure on post offices. A further impact from bank and atm closures is the undue pressure placed on  post offices, which become the only free access to cash. Post offices are currently understaffed in this electorate, not only by bank closures, but also with the increase in online shopping brought about by the lockdowns. This is particularly apparent in the North Sydney, Neutral Bay, and the St Leonards area where there is a lot of high rise living making  parcel deliveries difficult. Currently queues can go out the door as people wait to retrieve parcels that could not be left in apartment corridors. Staffing levels need to be doubled as post offices are now varied businesses. They are now banks, shops, parcel pick up centres as well as handling. regular post transactions.

Median rents are equal to or greater than median income and that was before the lockdowns and restrictions impacted on that as well. This could be addressed by limiting foreign ownership of land and other amenities. It is essential that mandates are dropped so people can go back to work without the threat of being injected and children need to go back to school without being injected. This will free up parents to get back to work and cover rents and mortgages.

How can you assist in providing more sporting facilities to Lane Cove – applying for grants etc (in particular more netball courts and basketball courts)?

Really, this is more a local or state than a federal consideration. Of course, I would help sporting bodies apply for the grants that are offered each year.

How will you help small businesses in North Sydney (and in particular Lane Cove)?

Dropping mandates is key. There are many shopfronts up for lease and some businesses are gone permanently due to mandates and other restrictions. Businesses wanting to start up again should have meaningful incentives and empty premises could be opened up as pop up shops with short term affordable rents to get businesses started.

I would like to see full accountability for the recent and current mandates and full disclosure of the impact lockdowns, mask mandates and inoculations have had on the population. Freedom of choice is key in a democracy and essential for getting businesses back on their feet.

What is your favourite place to visit in Lane Cove?

Lane Cove National Park. This is an absolute haven in the midst of a busy electorate. As a child I loved visiting Fairyland. The sign was still on the gate a few years ago as I drove past. I also loved hiring pedal boats on the river.

Describe Lane Cove in three words

Magical, refreshing, vibrant

Snag or Cake Stall on Election Day – which one do you buy first?

Definitely Lamingtons – let’s stick to Aussie icons.

William Bourke – Sustainable Australia Party

Why Did You Decide to Run in this Election?

As a local councillor and citizen, I believe that democracy is better when more people participate and we provide alternatives to the two major parties and big money candidates. Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community movement from the political centre with a science and evidence-based approach to policy. I want voters to have the choice to vote for a candidate with a holistic, evidence-based policy platform that will protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption. Importantly, we need to address root causes of our growing problems rather than just trying to manage systems.

What do you think are the five biggest issues in the North Sydney Electorate?

Environment, overdevelopment, corruption, housing affordability, aged care:

Protecting our environment including our green space, bushland, harbour and tree canopies, as well as taking strong action on climate change. We should enshrine into Australian law the fundamental human right of a healthy natural environment for its citizens and prioritise this in all policy and development decisions.

Stopping overdevelopment of our suburbs with unwanted and/or excessive high rise and density by returning real planning powers to local communities through proper engagement. This would include providing the required extra infrastructure and services before more housing is built – and greatly slowing population growth.

Stopping corruption of our political system by vested interests and regaining trust in our democracy, through a federal ICAC as well as introducing Swiss-style binding citizen-initiated referenda and plebiscites so that citizens can overrule politicians on important issues.

Achieve more affordable housing and more stable house prices by addressing the root cause of the housing affordability crisis – hyper demand. We should remove the 50 per cent discount of capital gains tax on taxable Australian property (non-principal place of residence) and abolish negative gearing on taxable Australian property, with existing arrangements to be grandfathered. We should also stop further foreign ownership of Australian housing and greatly slow population growth.

Improve aged care and better respect our senior citizens. We must work to improve their quality of life, including through better quality aged, community and home care facilities and standards. This requires higher minimum staffing levels in residential aged care and increased home care support.

How can you assist in providing more sporting facilities to Lane Cove – applying for grants etc (in particular more netball courts and basketball courts)?

The federal government is responsible for population policy and both Liberal/National and Labor/Greens federal governments have engineered rapid population growth. Yet it is state and local governments left with the bill to fund the basic local infrastructure and services. While Sustainable Australia Party would prefer to stabilise Australia’s population over the next generation in the interests of our environment and quality of life, at very least the federal government should provide more funding to state and local governments to cater for their growth agenda. This could be done in the way of increased local grants or a set infrastructure levy calculated by Infrastructure Australia of (say) $100-250,000 per new person living in the electorate.

How will you help small businesses in North Sydney (and in particular Lane Cove)?

Small business is the backbone of our economy. We need to revitalise small businesses by reducing unnecessary red tape compliance costs and regulations, and thereby deliver a fairer marketplace. Initiatives would include introducing a GST-free threshold of $26,000 in turnover, so that all small businesses that register for the GST would only pay on turnover above this amount, in part to compensate small businesses for collecting GST.

What is your favourite place to visit in Lane Cove?

Lane Cove Pool. A 1km swim followed by breakfast in a local café is a great way to start the day!

Describe Lane Cove in three words

Nature. Community. Lifestyle.

Snag or Cake Stall on Election Day – which one do you buy first?

Snag, then cake (and coffee!).

Heather Armstrong – The Greens

Why Did You Decide to Run in this Election?

I wanted to make sure The Greens voice was heard in North Sydney, to ensure the discussion stayed focussed on the big issues, including the survival of our planet, rather than allowing trivial enmities and mud-slinging to dictate the debate.

I want to remind people what politics should be about, that is policies, and fixing problems, to make the world a better place, and preventing the continuance of policies that have made things worse for people and the planet.  The Greens have fully costed policies to address the climate crisis, protect our communities and the economy. As a former federal prosecutor, I have the skills to advocate for those issues and the people of North Sydney.

What do you think are the five biggest issues in the North Sydney Electorate?

Climate change – how we respond as a nation as we transition to a clean energy economy impacts everything.

Environment – protecting our natural environment, restoring and regenerating our native bushland.

Housing affordability

Extending dental and mental health cover under Medicare

Increase support for aged care & childcare

How can you assist in providing more sporting facilities to Lane Cove – applying for grants etc (in particular more netball courts and basketball courts)?

We would expect any elected representative for the people of North Sydney would help direct community groups to apply for appropriate grants. The Greens are committed to protecting and improving the lives of our most vulnerable first, and would not be seeking to redirect funds already earmarked for disadvantaged regional areas.

That said, with the increased revenue secured under The Greens policies, we would allocate ​$3 billion for an Accessible Infrastructure Fund, including $30 million Accessible Nature Fund available to state, territory and local governments to improve the accessibility of existing public places and infrastructure. This would be aimed at increasing access to nature, sporting and tourism activities for disabled people.

How will you help small businesses in North Sydney (and in particular Lane Cove)?

Two main ways, firstly, by lifting the GST registration threshold for small businesses from $75k to $150k, and secondly by creating an additional fund to support local manufacturing, innovation, industrial decarbonisation and re-localisation of supply chains.

The Greens $15 billion ‘Made in Australia’ manufacturing bank would have a similar structure to the existing Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) in terms of the Commonwealth balance sheet and provide direct grants, equity investment, financing and concessional loan options depending on the corporate structure of applicants, and would target small businesses, worker’s cooperatives, green not-for-profit and social enterprises that are engaged in innovative production, research and development.

​What is your favourite place to visit in Lane Cove?

Cunningham Reach Lane Cove.

Describe Lane Cove in three words

Thriving, progressive & inclusive.

Snag or Cake Stall on Election Day – which one do you buy first? 

Cakes; a sugar hit is fundamental to our democracy.

Trent Zimmerman MP – Liberal Party

Why Did You Decide to Run in this Election?

I am seeking re-election as the Member for North Sydney to continue my work for our local community and in the federal parliament.  Giving back to your community is one of the most important thing a person can do.

I am passionate about our area and have lived on the lower north shore for over two decades.  During that time I have worked with the community as a North Sydney Councillor as through a range of community organisations.

As the Member for North Sydney I am proud of what we have been able to achieve for our local community.  Being a good representative in parliament is about listening to the community, being accessible, working hard, and delivering outcomes.  I will continue this approach and my work as a strong and sensible voice for the progressive and practical liberal values I take to Canberra.

I also strongly believe that the Liberal government is best placed to build our economy, deliver tax relief, manage the budget and ensure we can fund those services like health and education that are so important.

What do you think are the five biggest issues in the North Sydney Electorate?

  • Ensuring we build the economy, both locally and nationally, to allow people to fulfil their aspirations and the government to provide world-class services and infrastructure.
  • Improving transport infrastructure
  • Ensuring we have the infrastructure and services to meet the needs of our changing population.
  • Protecting our local environment – we are home to incredible urban bushland and beautiful parks and surrounded by our beautiful harbour and Lane Cove River. I am committed to working with local councils and organisations to protect what makes our area of Sydney so special.
  • Helping individuals and families improve their standard of living –

How can you assist in providing more sporting facilities to Lane Cove – applying for grants etc (in particular more netball courts and basketball courts)?

Improving local sporting facilities has been a priority for me to help cater for the growing number of young families in our area and those seeking to improve their fitness of all ages.  I am particularly proud of the $2 million I secured for the Lane Cove Pool.

This will continue to be a focus for me utilising the community sport infrastructure programs we have established.  I understand the particular needs of netball and basketball through my work with local clubs.

How will you help small businesses in North Sydney (and in particular Lane Cove)?

Our local retail and business precincts are a generator of both local employment but also important centres for our community.

The Liberal government has particularly focused on improving support for small business.  I am passionate about supporting small businesses, especially in the digital and ICT sectors, and believe North Sydney has a competitive advantage and great opportunity to become Sydney’s centre for innovation. Following my election I established the North Sydney Innovation Network to promote the region in the innovation sector.

What is your favourite place to visit in Lane Cove?

Blackman Park.  And my cavoodle Simba loves the dog park!

Describe Lane Cove in three words

Vibrant. Caring. Community.

Snag or Cake Stall on Election Day – which one do you buy first?

Snag !

Good Luck to all the candidates running in this election.

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