Theft, Graffiti, Vandalism and Pranks in Lane Cove in last Seven Days

    It has been a woeful seven days in Lane Cove with theft, vandalism and wilful destruction of property.


    House Break-In Lane Cove

    An ITC follower told us the following:

    “ATTENTION HOUSE BURGLARY – please be vigilant and lock all doors, gates and windows. As a resident of lane cove who absolutely loves being part of this community, it saddens me to share this post. Yesterday evening we were hit with a power cut. I got home to darkness.

    My young kids were scared. I went out to a neighbour to borrow a flashlight and too loudly communicated that I would take the kids to their dads. Someone heard and watched me leave. I was gone for one hour.

    I normally lock my gate, but I’m the darkness, rain and upset kids I didn’t. I got home to my front door wide open. A large sum of cash was in my room (which I would never normally have so they got lucky) whilst upsetting it’s the lifetime of jewellery with sentimental value.

    Lots of pandora rings and a charm bracelet with charms from my dad who has passed and my kids. These items will not raise much for the perpetrator but for me have a huge loss of significance. Whilst I am separated or was still devastating to have my engagement and wedding ring stolen. I share this because I am heartbroken that someone could do this. Enter my home through my children’s bedroom window and overhaul all my personal items in my room.

    Please, please share and be vigilant!!!! And if you see anyone selling lots of pandora or the attached rings please let me know so I can notify the police. Thanks for reading.”

    Bike Theft – Greenwich

    An electric bike was stolen from Greenwich and is on Bike Vault.

    Vandalism and Graffiti

    A bus shelter was vandalised near St Michaels church and the St Michaels Church hall was sprayed with graffiti.

    A Gate on Epping Road was spray-painted with an incredibly offensive word (see below we have blocked out the word).


    There was also more graffiti around the Lane Cove Village on Monday morning.  The Subway building on the corner of Rosenthal Avenue and Longueville Road had graffiti sprayed on each panel.

    Break-In and Vandalism

    The following was reported:

    “I’m a local Lane Cove Resident living on Epping road between Longueville and Centennial Avenue.

    This afternoon (31 May 2022)  at around 4:45 pm, two youngsters who probably wouldn’t be older than 15 years of age felt the need to break into multiple garages of our unit block, and subsequently graffiti on the common walls and a few garages.

    Fortunately, we have CCTV footage onsite.

    I’d be keen to see if anyone has had a similar experience this afternoon.

    The matter will be reported to the police.”

    Cars Sprayed with Shaving Cream in The Canopy Car Park

    Cars have been sprayed with shaving cream in The Canopy Car Park.
    One car had the two empty spray paint cans shoved into its exhaust – luckily the car owner saw the cans before he drove away.


    Lane Cove 15 Year Old Involved in Malicious Damage in Chatswood

    Police have charged a 15-year-old boy from Lane Cove with damaging property belonging to Willoughby City Council after he was allegedly seen stabbing a large inflatable gnome that is currently on display in Chatswood CBD.

    At about 3:30 pm Friday 13th May the boy was seen to approach the gnome located in Chatswood Interchange, which is part of an art installation commissioned by Willoughby City Council and stabbed it several times, causing substantial damage.

    On Saturday 14th May, police attended an address on Centennial Avenue, Lane Cove and arrested the boy. He was charged with damaging property and trespass, and previously banned from entering Chatswood Interchange. He will face Parramatta Children’s Court later this month.

    Photo Source: @amigoandamigo

    Lane Cove 15 Year Old Involved in Shoplifting and Assult in Chatswood

    Police have charged a 15-year-old Lane Cove boy with stealing and assault following an incident at a restaurant in Chatswood earlier this week.

    At about 2:30 pm Tuesday 31st May police were called to a shopping centre located on Albert Avenue, Chatswood after receiving reports of two men fighting at the location. Upon arrival, police were informed the Lane Cove boy took items from the restaurant without paying and when an employee requested payment he punched them in the face. The boy was arrested and subsequently charged. He was refused bail and will face Parramatta Children’s Court this week.

    Report Crime

    If you are aware of any incident it is important to report it to Chatswood Police – you can report it online or by calling them on 9414 8499.  Find out how to report crime online here.

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