Lane Cove Council is Not Moving Fast Enough on Skate Park Upgrade

    In September 2021 the Lane Cove Council resolved to investigate an expansion and upgrade of the Blackman Park Skate Park after a petition was presented to Lane Cove Council.

    The following motion was passed:

    RESOLVED on the motion of Councillors Strassberg and Brent that Council investigate: –

    1.    An expansion of the skate park at Blackman Park having regard to the options put forward by users; and

    2.    A suitable location for a bike jumps park, similar to that in Castle Cove.



    Since that resolution, nothing further has been discussed at a Lane Cove Council meeting.

    The Lane Cove Council has published its Community Strategic Plan and Operational Plans and Budgets for the 2022/2023 financial year.  The skate park is included in the operational plans, however, the Council is still at the investigation stage.  This means at the very earliest funds might be allocated for an upgrade in the 2023/2024 year.

    The 2022/2023 Operational Plans include the following:

    Prioritise programs for the maintenance and upgrade of recreational facilities and open space to improve access and participation by target groups:

    • Develop and implement the Bob Campbell Oval Master Plan
    • Undertake a variety of upgrade works at Blackman Park, including design for upgrade of sports field lighting to reduce electricity consumption and capacity for night time use – Investigate opportunities to upgrade the Blackman Park Skate Park
    • Investigate opportunities for a bike jump facility
    • Implement Dog Strategy
    • Golf Course – Bridge Replacement – Investigate lighting opportunities to increase access and utilisation of facilities
    • Develop and implement a plan for Woodford Bay Park upgrades
    • Undertake an audit of shade in playgrounds and develop an improvement program Open Space & Urban Services Division 2022/23

    Why is it taking Lane Cove Council so long to look at a facility that is much needed in Lane Cove?

    There is no mention of the skate park in the Lane Cove Council’s Playground Strategy (other than to mention the skate park was built before 2000).  When the strategy went out for public comment, ITC noted that the skate park needed to be included in the policy – the comments were ignored.

    Research has shown that skateparks in a community reduce crime and bad behaviour – read more here.

    Councils on the North Shore have been proactive in constructing skate parks or upgrading them.  St Ives has recently opened a new skate park.

    We will leave the last words on this issue with Olivier.


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