Sydney City Motorcycles Building Epping Road Lane Cove Northto be Serviced Apartments

On 2 July 2019, the Lane Cove Local Planning Panel approved Development Application DA214/2018 for a serviced apartment development on 1A Epping Road, Lane Cove North.

The development was to contain 56 serviced apartments with 12 single parking spaces, 4 tandem staff spaces, 2 accessible spaces and bicycle parking spaces at the basement level.

It was proposed to redevelop the site into Serviced Apartments, utilising the existing basement envelope and floor levels. An additional level was to be added, and the existing access from Centennial Avenue to the undercover parking area was to be retained and used for the new adaptive use.

Modification Requested

The Project Architect is now applying to modify the building as they are of the view the existing structure is not fit for the purpose for the approved DA building after the detailed site investigation by the structural engineer.  A section 4.55 modification application has been lodged with the Lane Cove Council.


The Developers argue that the modification should be approved because:

  • The scale and form of the approved development will enhance the streetscape character.
  • The additional Gross Floor Area (GFA) and Floor Space Ration (FSR) does not increase the height, bulk or scale of the approved development.
  • The small increase (less than 50m²) over and above that approved is contained within the lower levels of the building due to the basement modifications as a result of the full demolition of the building.
  • The proposal is consistent with the relevant aims and objectives of the LCLEP 2009 notwithstanding the minor contravention of the FSR development standard.
  • The FSR variation will not result in adverse environmental harm in that the existing and future amenity of neighbouring adjoining properties is not altered by the additional GFA proposed as part of the building modification
  • The modified proposal represents an economically viable development of the site, that is both capable and suitable for the site, when assessed on a merit-based assessment under the s4.15 heads of the consideration of the EP&A Act 1979.
  • The site is duly zoned and serviced and is land which is located to take advantage of its corner location.
  • Additional GFA provides an appropriate urban design outcome and visual “fit’ for the corner site.
  • The proposal provides a quality planning outcome in terms of the existing and likely future character of Epping Road.

Have Your Say on the Requested Modifications

The site has been approved for serviced apartments, but you can have your say on the modifications.  You can submit your comments up until 18 June 2022 by email to [email protected]


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