Warning Fake Water/Gas Meter Readers are in Lane Cove

    ITC  has been informed by two readers that they have recently been approached by fake water/gas meter readers wanting to come inside to read meters.  Most meters are located on the outside of a building, or if you are in an apartment, they are usually located on common property. Older apartment blocks are highly unlikely to have individual meters.

    Meter readers are clearly identifiable, they wear high-visibility shirts or vests with the words “Meter Reader” printed in large letters on the back of their shirts.

    They will carry photo identification.  They are required to produce their identification on request.

    The following was reported on ITC Lane Cove Chat on 12 June 2022:

    “Hi Everyone!

    I had an experience this morning which reminded me to be so careful about whom we let into our homes.

    A man came to my apartment saying he was there to read my water meter. Only I knew that I didn’t have any water meter in my home! And in the 15 years I’ve lived here, no one had ever tried to read a water meter. Our block is too old to have individual water meters!

    No ID either!

    I did send him away and I’ve alerted my neighbours. I’ve also reported it to the police, Jemena & Sydney Water.”

    Below was reported to ITC this morning:

    “I would like the LC community aware of a very bizarre thing that happened to me on Sunday.

    Sunday I let someone into my apartment to check my gas meter. I got a really unsettling feeling about the man and it turns out this feeling was a real concern.

    Once he left my neighbours confirmed they too let him in to check the meter.

    On letting him in, he cast his eyes around my apartment before going to the meter and looked me up and down.

    I have called Jemena who confirm that no meter readings are ever done on weekends and it was not them or their contractors.

    I have alerted police who cannot do anything as I let him in and we do not have CCTV.

    Our building is old and not secure on Helen street. We have nothing to go off.

    Police think he was casing our apartment which is a BIG red flag!

    I am obviously way too trusting. I will not make the mistake again. Very scary.”

    This is a warning to be careful who you let into your house.  Always ask for identification and if in doubt ask them for a number to call to check they are legitimate.


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