Lane Cove Council 23 June 2022 Meeting

The Lane Cove Council June 2022 Meeting will be held on Thursday, 23 June 2022.

Listed below are the agenda items for the meeting.

Have Your Say – Be Part of the Process

Residents can write to Councillors on any agenda item or issue. The email address that will reach all Councillors is: [email protected]

Members of the public are invited to attend the public forum of the meeting in-person or online, commencing at 7:00 pm.
If you would like to speak at the Council meeting (in-person or online), register via this online form no later than midnight on 22 June 2022.

A Zoom meeting link will be emailed to the provided email address.

A time limit of three (3) minutes per public forum address applies.

Council meetings are live-streamed and viewable via the webcast on this website.

Notices of Motion

It is proposed that Council prepares a Planning Proposal to permit strata sub-division of approved dual occupancy dwellings that are registered as either company title or tenants-in-common on or before Thursday 16th June 2022.

Recognise and Protect from Impacts the Bushland Adjacent to the Western Side of the Golf Course

This notice of motion by Councillor Bridget Kennedy and Councillor Kathy Bryla  aims to address the pressure of public use on a substantial parcel of unnamed C2 zoned bushland which runs along the western side of the golf course from close to Gamma Road down to the rear of the Pathways development site.

In the current Bushland Plan of Management, it is described as Northwood slope. It is under threat from the already significant downslope impacts of the Pathways development including both damage and physical encroachment, with the potential for further impacts from the development at 266 Longueville Road. The Molino Stewart Ecological Assessment, associated with 266 Longueville Road DA, of a substantial portion of this bushland found it to be ‘of high conservation value’.

In addition, within this area zoned C2 are portions that have been diverted to RE1 (golf course) uses, while there are segments within the adjacent RE1 area around Stevenson Street, for example, that may be more appropriately conserved as bushland, as well as the unmade portion of McMahons Road.

This area of bushland is currently not part of a bushland management plan. With the proposed developments taking place nearby, it is likely to come under more pressure from increased public use.



That Council:-

1.   Investigate and report back to a Councillor Workshop for further discussion, the process, costs and resources required to identify opportunities to consolidate and extend the existing Northwood slope C2 zoning to cover adjacent remnant patches of bushland on public land;

2.   Investigate and report on damage to this area of bushland by any surrounding use and details how this damage will be repaired, including the funding of this repair;

3.   Undertake a public process to name the bushland known as the “Northwood Slope” located adjacent to the western side of the golf course; and

4.   Develop a plan for future regeneration of this reserve.



This notice of motion by Councillor Merri Southwood is aimed at identifying heritage significance – both Aboriginal and industrial – in and adjacent to the vicinity of Manns Point and Greenwich Point Wharf.

Lane Cove Council has been advised of possible Aboriginal heritage items in Mary Carlson Park adjacent to the site of the Greenwich Point Wharf Upgrade (to be undertaken by Transport for NSW and work is expected to commence soon).

Transport for NSW has been made aware of the possible existence of Aboriginal heritage items and has agreed to ensure that works do not occur near the possible site of the items.

Lane Cove Council has designated Manns Point and the Viva Terminal site as Archaeological Items in its Heritage Map in the Lane Cove LEP.

Lane Cove Council has identified an underwater railway electricity tunnel that runs from Greenwich Point to Birchgrove as a Heritage Item. The entrance to this tunnel is located at Manns Point.

A resident has advised of the possible location of Aboriginal carvings at Manns Point.

Lane Cove Council has called for community feedback as to the future need and wishes for the Manns Point lookout area. Works at and adjacent to Manns Point and Greenwich Wharf may pose a risk to known and unknown items of heritage significance.




That Council:-


1.   Receive at its August 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting a report as to the scope and cost of undertaking a study to:-

(a)  identify items of heritage significance at and adjacent to Manns Point and Greenwich Point Wharf (including Mary Carlson Park); and

(b)  advise as to the best method(s) of protecting items of heritage significance identified through (a) above.

2.   Defer commencement of major works at Manns Point, Mary Carlson Park and areas adjacent thereto until Council has received and considered the report referred to in Item 1 above; and

3.   Liaise with Transport for NSW to ensure, to the extent possible, that the site of the possible items of Aboriginal heritage in Mary Carlson Park is protected from damage by the works for the Greenwich Wharf Upgrade.


This notice of motion is by Councillor Merri Southwood.  It is proposed that Council affirms its support for the enforcement of the controls in Council’s Development Control Plan for all Development Applications lodged for the St Leonards South Precinct.

See this article for more details.

This notice of motion is by  Councillor Merri Southwood. Lane Cove Council acknowledges the importance of allowing the community to provide input into re-zoning proposals (Planning Proposals) early in the assessment process. To further this objective Council passed Resolution 74/2022 on 19 April 2022. This resolution provided, inter alia, that community members have the right to make submissions in respect of Planning Proposals from the date on which a Planning Proposal is uploaded to Council’s website and that Council shall have regard to these submissions when preparing information to go to the Lane Cove Local Planning Panel (LCLPP) for advice as to Council’s response to a Planning Proposal.

When the LCLPP meets to determine Development Applications that have been referred to it, the meetings of the LCLPP are open to the community and Councillors, and community members may address the LCLPP. Minutes of the LCLPP meeting are published and the webcast of the meeting can be viewed on Council’s website.

This is in contrast to the process for the LCLPP’s consideration of Council’s proposed response to Planning Proposals. Meetings are closed to the community and to Councillors and there is no opportunity for community members to address the LCLPP either in person or via audio visual link.

Minutes of the LCLPP meeting are not accessible, nor is the webcast of the meeting.

The practice of North Sydney Council is different.

Community members and Councillors may attend the meetings of the North Sydney Local Planning Panel when it meets to review proposed responses to Planning Proposals and community members may address the Panel either in person or, in recent times, via audio-visual link. The minutes and the webcast of the Panel proceedings are uploaded to the North Sydney Council website.

It is important for community members to have confidence that their input into Planning Proposals is incorporated into the advice that the LCLPP provides to Council.




That Council:-


1.   Upload to Council Business Papers the agenda for meetings of the Lane Cove Local Planning Panel (LCLPP) in which the LCLPP is to provide advice to Council in respect of Council’s proposed response to a Planning Proposal (Planning Proposal meeting);


2.   Webcast the Planning Proposal meetings;


3.   Allow community members and Councillors to attend the Planning Proposal meetings;


4.   Allow community members to address the LCLPP in relation to the Planning Proposal under consideration for a maximum of 3 minutes, in the case of an individual, and for a maximum of 10 minutes, in the case of a representative of a community organisation or association;


5.   In the event that a Planning Proposal meeting is to be held via audio – visual link, to allow community members and Councillors to attend the meeting via audio-visual link and, in the case of community members, to address the LCLPP;


6.   Upload to Council’s website as soon as practicable after the Planning Proposal meeting, the webcast of the meeting, the minutes of the meeting and any written advice provided to Council by the LCLPP; and


7.   Update the Planning Panels page on Council’s website to reflect the above procedure.



Officers Reports for Determination

It is proposed that the Revised Draft Sustainability Action Plan 2022 – 2025 dated May 2022 be endorsed for the purposes of public exhibition and be placed on public exhibition for six (6) weeks.

It is proposed to define ‘part-storeys’ in the St Leonards South Development Control Plan.  See this article for more details.

It is proposed to make a submission to the Geographical Names Board to name the new green space in St Leonards ‘Wadangarri Park’ – Wadangarri reflects the prominent plantings and the Banksia design features of the new playground by using the word ‘Banksia’ from Sydney Aboriginal Language.

It is proposed to endorse Alex Vaccher as the Youth Representative on the Sustainability Advisory Committee.

It is proposed that Council adopts the Draft Community Garden Policy and Draft Community Gardens Guidelines and Procedures dated June 2022 for the purpose of public exhibition.

It is proposed that Council co-ordinate a switch to GreenPower campaign launching in July 2022 for the Lane Cove Local Government Area

It is proposed that Council adopt the Draft 2022/23–2024/25 Delivery Program and 2022/23 Operational Plan, including the Draft 2022/23 Budget and Draft 2022/23 Schedule of Fees and Charges and an updated Long Term Financial Plan.

It is proposed that Council adopt the Revised Draft Community Strategic Plan, Liveable Lane Cove 2035.

It is proposed that Council endorses the formation of the Digital Transformation Working Group to support the development of the Council’s digital communications and call for expressions of interest for community representatives on the Group.

Proposal to nominate Council’s three (3) voting delegates for motions before the LGNSW Annual Conference.

Proposal to confirm Councillors fees for 2022/2023 financial years. Councillors to be paid $21,100 and the Mayor an additional $46,010

Council Snapshot May 2022

Lane Cove Council publishes a snapshot every month which sets out what has been happening over the month from development applications, parking fines, waste and landfill reduction reports, and reports on upcoming footpath maintenance.

Below are some of the stats of interest for May 2022.


Note the heading refers to April 2022, but the information is for May 2022





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