8 New Retail Shops and Apartments Planned for 47A Penrose Street Lane Cove West

    Several different developments have been proposed for 47A Penrose Street Lane Cove West.  Currently, the premises are offices, a dance studio and a pilates studio.

    Previous Development Application was a Boarding House

    In 2021 an application was lodged to demolish the existing building and the construct a mixed-use development incorporating a ground floor commercial tenancy and a new generation boarding house including ground floor reception, managers dwelling and single boarding room with an additional 37 boarding rooms (a total of 36 boarding rooms) over two levels above at grade parking for 24 motor vehicles, nine motorcycles and nine bicycle lockers accessed from Johnston Lane.

    The Lane Cove Local Planning Panel refused the development, and the developers did not appeal the decision.

    Three Story Shop Top Housing

    In 2022, a new Development Application has been lodged for a three-story shop top housing.

    The proposal includes:

    • the demolition of existing site structures and the construction of a three-storey shop top housing development.
    • Eight ground-floor commercial tenancies two presenting to Penrose Street and six presenting to Johnston Lane), with a combined GFA of 178m²
    • Eight residential apartments 8 x 3 bedroom residential apartments, two of which are adaptable
    • Parking for 15 motor vehicles, inclusive of a loading bay, accessed from Johnston Lane. Specifically, the shop top housing development comprises.
    • Four bicycle storage cages
    • Garbage storage
    Artist Impression of Proposed Development

    The property is zoned B1 Neighborhood Centre pursuant to the Lane Cove LEP.

    The B1 zone objectives are as follows:

    • To provide a range of small-scale retail, business and community uses that serve the needs of people who live or work in the surrounding neighbourhood.

    • To encourage urban design maximising attractive public domain and adequate circulation space throughout the neighbourhood centres for current and future users.

    • To ensure that landscaping is a significant element in public and private development viewed from the public domain.

    The development of the site for a shop top housing development is permissible with consent.

    Have Your Say

    If you want to comment on the proposal, you can submit your comments in writing via email to [email protected], quoting DA 72/2022.  Comments must be made by 21 July 2022.

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