Watch Out Ravens About Attacking Windscreen Wipers in Lane Cove

    Since October 2022, ITC has been receiving reports of Ravens attacking windscreen wipers in Lane Cove.  They appear to be concentrating on Cope Street and Penrose Street Lane Cove.

    Roving reporter Kim took this video in October 2022.


    At the time, we asked Lane Cove Council if they had received any reports about Ravens, and they told ITC nothing had been reported to them.

    Since October, we have received other enquiries about the Ravens and also locals have noticed that in Cope Street, windscreen wipers have been in the upright position and towels placed on the front dashboard of cars.

    One local wrote the following to ITC:

    “I was just wondering if you’ve had anyone complain about the crows pulling apart their windscreen wipers on their cars?
    We have had to replace 2 sets of wipers this month.
    It is becoming a joke as wipers are not cheap.”

    ITC tried to find a bird expert who could explain why Ravens are attracted to windscreen wipers.

    The RSPCA has the following explanation on their website:

    “Little Ravens and other birds may also occasionally develop the habit of pulling windscreen wiper blades and windscreen rubbers from cars. Some kinds of rubber emit chemicals that are also found in decaying carcasses, and it is thought that this may be the cause of the behaviour as the scent of the rubber attracts the birds, thinking it is a food source. Magpie-larks can also sometimes be seen to remove fresh putty from window frames, which is thought to be used for nest-building purposes.”

    In Florida, vultures also attack cars, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service hands out free tarps to people visiting National Parks to stop the vultures from attacking their cars.

    In 2015 one website did sell crow guards – which were black black poly pipes.  However they don’t appear to sell them anymore, but ITC is sure a trip to Bunnings could help you source a similar solution.

    Have you a had issues with birds attacking your windscreen wipers?  What street are you in and any ideas on how to deter the birds in a humane way?

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