Lane Cove News Week in Review 19th to 26th April 2023

Welcome to our week in review.

Another week of rain and quieter roads due to the School Holidays.   It all changed on Monday, 24th April 2023, when locals started returning from holidays, and the car parks and supermarkets became noticeably busier.  Locals were restocking after the holidays and preparing for the next school term.

ANZAC Day in Lane Cove

The Lane Cove RSL Sub-Branch and the Lane Cove Council held a moving ANZAC Day ceremony at The Canopy 2023.  The ceremony is always well organised. The Canopy Green and its surroundings were packed with locals – ITC was there, and we have put together our photos in one article – see more here.

Each year the Lane Cove RSL Sub Branch invites a Lane Cove Resident to talk about a relative who has served in the military.  This year Kerry Corkill spoke about her father, Leading Aircraftman Peter Comino.  It was wonderful to see Peter on stage at 97 – read his story here.

Bruce William Scott

We asked locals to send in stories about their relatives who served our country. Let us introduce you to Bruce William Scott, who is 100.

Bruce William Scott was born in St Kilda Vic on 30th Jan 1923 and moved to Sydney at age 3.

He began his schooling at the Lane Cove Public School in 1928.

Initially, Bruce was stationed at Lithgow NSW to protect the Arms Factory.

From 1943 to 1945, Bruce served with the 52nd Australian Composite Anti-Aircraft Regiment (AIF) in Merauke, Dutch New Guinea protecting the US airbase.

Bruce turned 21 in Dutch New Guinea, received a fruit cake from his Mother, and was allowed one warm beer!!!!

Post-war Bruce joined the Commonwealth Bank while living in Lane Cove before moving to Canberra, where he and his wife purchased the Deakin Newsagency.

After seven years, they returned to Sydney after purchasing the Malabar Newsagency.

Upon retirement, they moved to Greenwich, where they lived for 43 years. Bruce moved to an aged care facility two years ago after Edna passed away.

Bruce has three children, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Photo 1: Bruce William Scott (official Army photo)

Photo 2: Bruce commemorating ANZAC day, 25th April 2020, outside his Greenwich home with two local cadets, Danielle and Jade Reid

Photo 3: Bruce celebrating ANZAC Day 2023 (aged 100) in his aged care facility

Lane Cove Rotary

Lane Cove Rotary sold over 180 poppies raising money for the Lane Cove RSL Sub-Branch.  The poppies were handmade by locals.

Photo Source: Lane Cove Rotary Facebook

ANZ Bank Closure in Lane Cove – Finance Sector Union

ITC is researching an article on Lane Cove bank branches and their plans for the future. The Finance Sector Union (FSU) has called on the banks to stop further closures in metropolitan and regional areas until the Senate enquiry into Regional Bank Closures is finished.

As we previously reported, ANZ Lane Cove will close on 7 June 2023. The FSU has specifically noted the ANZ Lane Cove branch in their press release below:

“The Finance Sector Union (FSU) is calling on the major banks to stop closing bank branches in metropolitan and regional areas while a Senate Inquiry into Regional Branch Closures is underway.

As more branches were identified for closure, FSU National Secretary Julia Angrisano said the National Australia Bank was refusing to pause regional branch closures.

“The NAB’s behaviour is outrageous and completely out of step with community expectations and in breach of its social license,” Ms Angrisano said.

NAB refuses to acknowledge community concerns and has announced branches at Jeparit and Inverloch in Victoria will close. Branches at Boonah, Qld and Queanbeyan, NSW will also be shut down. Each NAB branch will close in July.

In addition, the CBA has notified the FSU it will close branches at Bull Creek in WA and Aspley, Qld in June with the loss of 12 jobs.

ANZ has notified the FSU it will close Clarkson in WA, Patterson Lakes in Victoria and Lane Cove in NSW with the loss of 15 jobs in June.

Both the CBA and ANZ have committed to pausing regional closures while the Inquiry continues.

“The major banks are making massive profits and yet they continue to shut down branches and they don’t care about customers and businesses who are impacted by these closures,” Ms Angrisano said.

“The morale of bank workers is at rock bottom as they wait to hear if their branch and their job is on the hit list.”

“The FSU believes the banks should be compelled to pause all closures, in metropolitan and regional areas, while the Senate Inquiry is underway.”

“All Australians deserve to have access to the full range of financial services no matter where they live.”

Lane Cove Aquatic Leasure Centre – Winter Operating Hours – 50 m Outdoor Pool

Usually around May each year, the Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre significantly reduces the 50m pool operating hours (a session in the morning and one in the afternoon).

A group of local swimmers have been lobbying both the Lane Cove Council and Bluefit who operate the centre, to change their Winter Hours due to the shorter hours impacting lane availability.

Lane Cove Aquatic Centre has announced a trial extended winter operating hours for the 50m pool.

With the Willoughby Aquatic Centre and North Sydney Pool being closed, demand has increased at the pool.

Bluefit released the following statement:

“As the long summer days disappear, we typically adjust our operating hours for the 50m pool. However, this year we are trialling a change.

With North Sydney and Willoughby outdoor pools having closed already, we have seen an increase in demand for our own 50m outdoor pool. In response to that demand, the Lane Cove Council and BlueFit have decided to extend our summer hours this year until the end of May.

From June onwards, we plan to revert to our winter opening hours, but for now, please continue to enjoy lovely long swims outdoors!

Please be aware that this is a trial for 2023 only. We will review usage at the end of the trial before making a decision about winter hours moving forward.

As always, to avoid disappointment, we highly recommend that you check lane availability on our website before you arrive at the pool.

See you in the water!”

Annual Lane Cove Aquatic Cente Annual Survey

Have your say on the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre. Now is your chance to participate in the annual survey on the pool and provide feedback on facilities, services, hygiene, accessibility, etc.

This survey closes at midnight on 30th April 2023.

Fill out the survey here:

Lane Cove Council Sport and Recreational Facility

The Development Application is with the Sydney North Planning Panel. They are the consent authority that will decide if the DA is approved.

At the last Lane Cove Council Meeting, councillors voted on several aspects of the proposed Sport and Recreational Facility at 180 River Road Northwood.

Councillors discussed operational plans for the Lane Cove Golf course during the Sport and Recreational Facility construction phase.  It was resolved that the course (with modifications) would continue operating with the pro shop at Gamma Road Lane Cove.

The council resolution was as follows:

“RESOLVED on the motion moved by Councillor Zbik and seconded by Councillor Brooks-Horn that Council:-

  1. Establishes a working group to oversee the golf course operations (access and  amenity) during construction of the Sport & Recreation Facility comprising of:
    1. Two (2) community representatives from the Gamma Road Precinct (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Zeta Roads and Richardson St West).
    2. Two (2) community representatives from the Third Avenue Precinct (First, Second, Third and Fourth Avenues, Campbell Avenue, Osborne Road, and Richardson St East).
    3. East Ward Councillors.
    4. Two (2) representatives from Lane Cove Golf Club.
    5. Two (2) Council Officers as determined by the General Manager.
    6. Golf Course Operator.
  2. Resolves to keep the Golf Course fully operational with a modified nine hole layout during construction of the Sport & Recreation Facility relying on existing on-street parking arrangements (i.e. no changes) adjacent to the Golf Course.
  3. Accept the offer of the course operator to trial for a 6 week period, promotion of the Little Street Car Park as a suitable park and ride location to access the Golf Course, with a shuttle service provided in the morning (4 hours) on weekends and during the trial Council waive the car parking fees in the Little Street Car Park for the 4 hour period.”

Residents from streets that adjoin the golf course are concerned about extra traffic and the limited off-street parking used by golfers.   Lane Cove Council and the pro shop operator have agreed to provide an on-demand shuttle service from the Little Street Car Park for a trial period of six weeks.  The on-demand service will only be on the weekend.

Mayor Andrew Zbik told ITC:  “Mid-week participation is such that we think existing parking arrangements on local streets may be sufficient… the idea is the working group will monitor and consider solutions if warranted.”

Lane Cove Women’s Shed

A Lane Cove local is looking to set up a Women’s Shed in Lane Cove (the Men’s Shed will be providing them with space, probably on a Friday).   Are you interested in helping set up a Women’s Shed and becoming part of the Lane Cove Women’s Shed?  If so, an informal information meeting is being held at the Lane Cove Golf Club on Thursday, 25 May 2023, between 3 pm and 4 pm (the bar will be open).   If you would like to find out more about being part of a Lane Cove Women’s Shed or will be attending the information session, email here.

Further Developments Approved in the St Leonards South Precinct

The St Leonards South Area (previously known as East Greenwich) will be the most developed in the LGA in the next couple of years.  The area extends to River Road Greenwich.

Source: Lane Cove Council Assessment Report to the SNPP


In 2021 the former Lane Cove Council Mayor Pam Palmer told the Sydney Morning Herald:

“The council needed to accommodate 3500 new dwellings by 2026, and “this was the most sensible place to look at for more development”.

Property Developer SLS Holdsworth Residences Pty Ltd (also called New Hope Evergreen) has been given the green light by the Sydney North Planning Plan (SNPP) to build 211 Apartments and 21 townhouses across three buildings of 12, 15 and 19 storeys.  The site spans 2-8 Holdsworth Ave, 1-5 Canberra Ave and 8 Marshall Ave at St Leonards.

Ten stand-alone homes will be demolished.

In approving the Development Application (and submitted variations), the SNPP stated:

“In summary, this proposal would meet the objectives of the R4 High-Density Residential Zone, is highly consistent with the supporting planning scheme and the desired future character of the area and consequently, the approval is in the community interest.”

The SNPP report also stated:

“In coming to its decision, the Panel considered 23 written submissions made during the public exhibition of the proposal and heard from members of the public during the public meeting.  Issues raised included: site isolation, minimum site area, floor space ratio, solar access, building depth, building separation, urban design, traffic and parking, landscaping and open space, heritage, wind impacts, and acoustic impacts.  The Panel considers concerns raised in submissions and in the public meeting have been adequately addressed in Council’s Assessment Reports and in amended conditions.”

Source: Lane Cove Council Assessment Report to the SNPP

Business Alerts

Lane Cove Coles at The Canopy

Coles Lane Cove in The Canopy (or Lane Cove Park, as Coles insist on calling it) has changed its business hours. They are now open from 7 am (not 6 am). This impacts some of our local small businesses that shop for supplies from Coles.

If you’re an early morning shopper, you will have to readjust to 7.00 am.

Coles St Leonards

Coles St Leonards is still closed and, according to the Coles website, will be closed until at least 5 May 2023.  Read more here.

The Men’s Grooming

The Men’s Grooming is now open at Lane Cove Market Square. They are next door to @groundcaffelanecove


ProfessioNail Lane Cove

The old Source Bulk Foods shop has been subdivided, and the next business to open in Lane Cove Market Square will be Lane Cove Professionail (it is part of the ProfessioNail group (there is one in Chatswood).

ITC Loves a Comp

ITC loves competition. Congratulations to Lane Cove Local Amanda O’Driscoll for her winning design on the Harris Farm Markets Coloured by Nature Tote Bag comp.

Harris Farm is an ITC Business Supporter, and we can’t wait to see Amanda’s tote bag!!

RecycleSmart Now Collects Kitchen Items from Your Home!!

RecycleSmart is now taking collecting utensils. They have partnered with two Sydney-based recyclers to help you declutter your kitchen. Read more here:

According to RecycleSmart:

“Recycling old pots and pans can help reduce waste in more ways than you might think. Not only does it reduce the amount of raw materials like iron and copper being stripped from the natural environment, but it also helps conserve the energy and water that goes into processing those materials.

Not only that, but recycling aluminium saves up to *95% of the energy required to produce primary aluminium and reduces the greenhouse gas emissions produced by this process by up to 95%.”

Cookware will they take:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • Carbon Steel

Cookware they cannot recycle:

  • Porcelain
  • Glass
  • Utensils
  • Knives

Term 2 Activities for Local Kids

School holidays may be here, but you must also be organised and book your kids into Term 2 Activities.  Find out about the activities here.

Incidents, Accidents and Crime Watch

Warning Marley Food Box Theif About

Occasionally, we receive reports of Marley Spoon boxes being stolen from houses in the Lane Cove Council Area.

A Lane Cove Chat by ITC member advised the following:

“Heads up peeps: at around 6 am, my Marley Spoon box was stolen. I have it on CCTV and it’s really clear it’s just someone who happened to spot the box when they were walking by and grabbed it. Remind Marley Spoon to put the box in a spot it’s not visible from the street!!”


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